Whoever is on the road in the tuning scene with a Hyundai is currently driving the extremely successful i30 N in most cases. But the Koreans have a second interesting, youthful model in their program with the Kona. Even before the N-Top model, which will soon follow, will increase its popularity even further, this example shows that the series is quite well suited for further individualizing tuning conversions: It was equipped with a set of high-quality Cor.Speed Sports Wheels.

The concave, powerfully designed Cor.Speed DeVille wheels rotate on the axles of the small SUV, which is staged here together with the well-known model Sabrina Doberstein, who acts as a brand ambassador for Cor.Speed. The wheels have the dimensions 8.5×19 inches and look exceptionally large thanks to the ten spokes that run far to the rim edge. This means that the DeVille is the perfect size for the Kona and makes the car appear both compact and compact as well as sporty. The finish in Silver Brushed, whose brushed fronts provide a unique look, is also a real highlight. The wheels are covered with 235/40R19 tires. A suitable parts certificate is of course available