HMG is hardly new to building electrified vehicles.  In fact, it even has a platform that is definitely designed for that faith and truly a compromise to be available with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric (BEV) power trains.  And with its upcoming e-GMP electric vehicle, Hyundai has detailed and underpin a range of wheels under its new Ioniq sub-brand.

Hyundai Motor Group will be the first vehicle to launch on the e-GMP platform, sometime in 2021.  The e-GMP platform promotes either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and has new additions like a disconnecting transmission for either motor.  And this is not all.  It will be coming with an all-new battery design and charging system-carrying 800-volt up to 350 kw.  Hyundai says this will enable e-GMP based vehicles to charge 100km in just five minutes, or to charge 80 percent of a battery in just 18 minutes.

We must say that this will surely going to help the Hyundai Motor Group since This contour saved weight compared to the more traditional front engine rear-wheel layout.  However, it yielded driving dynamics by employing the front tires to manage tractive effort and steering.

While a new charging base will back the 800-volt system, e-GMP also supports more regulated systems across the actual charging network.  In a first, the e-GMP platform will bear bi-directional charging, which is up to 3.5 kw output, thus, permitting the car to power either the devices or charge other ones.

In addition, Hyundai added some other benefits as well, including a 40 percent decline in the number of parts, better crash security, and an amended coolant system for both the motors and batteries.  It also has an added and “integrated drive axle” and a five-link rear system, which unites wheel bearings with the drive shaft to “enhance convenience, ease, and durability.”

So, according to the brand, the option to make the platform predominantly rear-wheel-drive is due to the volume of power on offer.  The brand is set to reveal a high-performance model in the near prospect, which will display the performance skills of the platform with a time of 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds and a highest speed of 260km/h. Whoa!

Well, the E-GMP will provide the basis for 23 dedicated distinct BEV models across the three group brands, Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis.  Also, the robotaxi is being produced by the Motional automated driving joint venture as well.

The first of these new models is going to bang you on somewhere in 2021 as the new Ioniq 5 midsize crossovers.  Fortunately, the Ioniq 7 large crossover and Ioniq 6 sedan will follow it.  Meanwhile, Kia will also launch its first purpose-built BEV following year as well, probably based on the 2019 habaniro theory.

Thus, this edition of E-GMP after the culmination of ages of analysis, research, theory and development, brings together the most advanced technologies.  Consequently, this will surely going to add an advantage to the Hyundai Motor Group, which are basically looking to target the sales of at least 1 million bevs yearly by 2025.

Siddhika Prajapati

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