Since the successful market launch of the Hyundai-Hot Hatch i30 N, three years have actually passed. Accordingly, the Koreans recently presented the facelift model with a sharpened design and slightly increased performance. But even the original version, which is still up-to-date, is likely to remain high on the popularity list – after all, it still offers an excellent basis for setting up nice tuning projects. Like the i30 N shown here, which, among other things, stands on a set of high-quality Cor.Speed Sports Wheels.

The Kharma alloy wheels, which were launched at the last turn of the year and have an unusual design, show asymmetrically designed spokes looking like milled. Thanks to the flow-forming process, the weight of the wheels, which are available in concave or deep concave versions, depending on the width, starts at 10.2 kilograms. On the Hyundai i30 N show here, they are installed in 8.5×19 inches with 235/35R19 tires. The finish in high-gloss bronze brushed is a great contrast to the car wrapping in green with black accents, which – like various interior refinements – was personally implemented by the owner.

Other modifications with regard to the turbo engine under the hood include a Wagner Tuning intercooler and a new flexible pipe. The latter, as well as the exhaust system, which is now equipped with a flap control from Peecar (Instagram: Peecar16), comes from Gruppenzwang. The significant lowering is due to a Bilstein air suspension with Air Lift Performance control for individual height adjustment, which was installed by null-bar. Last but not least, the i30 N also has an Ingo Noak body kit.