After the Hyundai’s latest customer racing offering, the all new Elantra N TCR was officially exhibited at the Beijing Motor Show in September 2020. This new TCR-specification model joins the team of the massively successful i30 N TCR & Veloster N TCR packages which are offered to our customer teams. The Hyundai Company put up the first public showing of the car in China which out shone its global plans for the cars to strengthen Hyundai Motorsport’s in race series around the world,” said it’s Team Principal Andrea.

The Elantra N TCR is the brand new addition to the range and has been equipped with all the setups and revolutionary changes which were observed by the team’s engineers to maximize its expertise in the last two years as well. With all this the model has already completed 5,000km in testing at circuits around Europe, with the sprint and endurance options being honed in parallel ways. The Hyundai Elantra N TCR, is the latest car to be designed and built by the company’s Customer Racing department recently.

While building this beauty, it all started from scratch as the designers and engineers of the company’s Customer Racing Department took great advantage of the Elantra’s high performance, stable framework and sedan body shape to enhance the design further.

The knowledge and feedbacks from the long two year customer racing with the i30 N TCR and the Veloster N TCR gave the designers to create the overall best racing package with also modifying the existing models wherever possible.

After finishing up with the first test in June, the possible development of the Elantra N TCR is initiated. The team of engineers responsible for the car has already visited a number of circuits around Europe to develop both sprint and long-distance packages in parallel. And with the coming opinions and feedbacks from the drivers like Gabriele Tarquini, who was basically instrumental in creating the i30N TCR along with all the current i30 N TCR drivers from the WTCR (FIA World Touring Car Cup grid) & the range of continuous feedback gathered will create a well-rounded final package that is perfectly suited to the customer focus of the TCR regulations to add to the success of Hyundai Motorsport-built cars in series globally.

With all the TCR modulations taking place, the Elantra N TCR is a front wheel-drive and is powered by a two-liter turbocharged engine extracted from a brand new base engine taken away from the Hyundai’ family of road-going models. The car will share the same six-speed, paddle-shift operated gearbox similar to the other Hyundai TCR designs, while the use of the Elantra Model as a base gives an instantly appreciable silhouette on track.

In the course of arriving in the world of circuit racing at the end of the 2017 season, the i30 N TCR customers have sought back-to-back WTCR drivers’ titles, winning a third of all racing contested in the series to date. If summing the total, the Hyundai teams won championships in eight different series in 2019, including the double of drivers’ and teams’ honors in the USA- based IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge at the end of the first competitive season for the Veloster N TCR.

The testing of the car will be ongoing for the coming months, and with the first best chassis, to be delivered to the customers before the end of 2020.

Some respected members of the Hyundai Motorsport team including Principal Andrea Adamo said: “After three months of testing and development work I am very happy to finally be able to reveal the Elantra N TCR to the world. Staging the first public showing of the car in China shows our global plans for the cars to strengthen Hyundai Motorsport’s in race series around the world. By starting with a clean sheet of paper the Customer Racing department designers and engineers have been able to take advantage of the opportunity to further improve all round performance of the car, as well as use all of the knowledge and experience gained from Two years of racing with the i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR. The Elantra N TCR will join them in our range of available TCR cars, and I am confident that it will share the same level of success. We have already made great progress in developing the chassis with a number of different drivers to create a strong overall package for our customers to allow them to continue the success of Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing in TCR competition.”

And the prestigious Gabriele Tarquini said: said: “As a driver the Elantra N TCR felt a very nice car to drive, even from the first tests. I’ve already been able to complete a lot of laps in the car in testing, driving both the sprint and endurance versions, which are being developed together. There are lots of small changes which customer teams and drivers will really appreciate, such as improvements in the steering system over the previous cars. Clearly the Elantra N TCR is much bigger, but the handling means that behind the wheel you cannot notice the difference. It is still quite early in the testing for the car, so there is still plenty of opportunity to further hone the chassis and create a strong package for customers to race.”

The Hyundai Motorsport is responsible for Hyundai’s global motorsport activities, including the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), Customer Racing and electric racing projects etc.

And Since the establishment of its Customer Racing activities in September 2015, Hyundai Motorsport has become a trusted partner for teams and drivers looking for success on the rally stages or on racetracks around the world. From its competitive i20 R5 rally car to the

competitive i30 N TCR, Hyundai Motorsport-built cars have claimed victory in several championships, including national rally series in France and Spain, as well as consecutive titles in the FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) in 2018 and 2019. Designed and built at its Alzenau headquarters, the Veloster N ETCR was unveiled in September 2019 and heralds an exciting new era, in which electric racing is set to become one of the company’s pillars. Unified under Hyundai Motorsport, WRC, Customer Racing and electric racing are together playing instrumental roles in driving Hyundai’s global high-performance N brand, and are supporting an important perception shift for the Hyundai brand around the world.

Rupanjita Aich

Rupanjita Aich

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