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Hyundai Alcazar

₹15,00,000 – 18,00,000 (Estimated)

The Alcazar is all set to carry on the success of the Creta but in a new avatar as we found out.


WE LOVE: The Alcazar looks different than Creta in many ways. The interior is more luxurious and it is spacious too. The 2.0 engine matches well with the car

WE DON’T LOVE: There is no 4WD and there is no turbo petrol on offer as well.

1. Introduction

India is changing but our love for SUVs is not. We still want more SUVs and less cars which means more types of SUVs are being made. With changing lifestyle and more time spent on roads, there is a need for a more comfortable version of the standard 5-seater SUVs that we get. Enter the MG Hector Plus and the Tata Safari. Both are more luxurious cars over the Hector and Harrier plus have a three row option. That increases its buyer base and brings in more in terms of sales. The Creta has been a huge success and in order to top that, the 7-seater or three row version was the next big step. Now we have the Alcazar which is a new SUV based on the Creta and not simply a Creta which has a third row. Hyundai has applied some thought and positioned the Alcazar differently. We have driven the car as a prototype for an early experience hence the camouflage on the car.

2. Looks from outside

The Alcazar immediately seems much longer and bigger than the Creta. It is longer in fact and gets may styling changes. From the front though, many will mistake it for the Creta thanks to that unique design of the headlamps which is carried forward to the Alcazar. What has changed and which the camouflage hides is the new grille design and a tweaked front bumper. It also gets a prominent skid plate at the front. The front doors and the bonnet are the same as the Creta but the rear doors are different while you can see the addition of a quarter glass at the rear for the third-row. The rear styling is completely different from a Creta with a different tail-lamp set-up and a chrome line at the rear which runs across the entire car. There are also dual exhaust tips and a skid plate. It has roof-rails while the other big change is the addition of bigger 18-inch alloy wheels over the Creta. It will have new colours on offer too.

3. Driving feel

The Alcazar would get two engines including a 2.0 petrol and a 1.5l diesel. There is no turbo petrol. The petrol engine makes 159bhp and 192Nm. For that engine you can choose a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. There is a diesel with 115bhp and Hyundai has tuned it for the Alcazar. You also have a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic.



Driving experience

We had some empty roads at our disposal for the drive and the car we had driven was the 2.0 petrol manual. There is no doubt that the Alcazar experience is more premium and the refinement is nice to start with. The 2.0 petrol is smooth and silent along with having enough torque for being a nice city driver. In traffic or when you slow down, you do not need to downshift and the engine has a nice and broad power band. The manual is also easy to slot while the clutch is light as well. You will not have any problems driving it in the city. The Alcazar despite being bigger does not feel so in the city and the visibility is also good.

With an empty road in sight, the Alcazar was fast and it does 0-100 km/h in under 10 seconds. It does feel fast also but is not as sporty as the Creta instead the power delivery is linear. It is smooth and you can cruise at high speeds all day with no problems. Hyundai has also worked on the refinement and the suspension which shows. The Alcazar rides well and better than the Creta in-fact while bad roads are dealt with ease. It does not flatten them like a Safari but the Alcazar feels nimble and deals bad roads quite well overall. The Alcazar also feels car like to drive and handles like a fast car with not massive amounts of body roll.

4. Interior features and feel

Inside at first glance the dashboard of the Creta is carried wholesale but a closer look reveals more differences. The quality and look is more luxurious with a premium dual-tone upholstery and that is carried over to the door pads as well. Then you get a tweaked instrument cluster. Further changes are there on the second and third row of course. The wheelbase of the Alcazar has been increased to 2760mm and that enables it to have three row seating. You can either have the Alcazar with a bench 7-seater lay-out or the fully luxurious 6-seater with captain seats in the middle. The captain seats get a floor mounted console which also has wireless charging and cupholders. You have arm-rests, sun blinds and a panoramic sunroof too. Space is much more than a Creta and access to the third row is easy too with a one touch tumble release. You can also recline both row seats. With all three rows the Alcazar also has the largest space with 180litres.

5. Ownership

The Alcazar would not be too much expensive in terms of maintenance while service costs should be similar to a Creta. In terms of mileage the 2.0 manual should give 10kmpl in city while highway use will give 12/13kmpl.

6. Our opinion

It gives you everything the Creta has but a bit more

We expect prices to increase by around Rs 15 lakh over a Creta which means a price range of around Rs 11.5- 20 lakh. That makes it cheaper than rivals yet it has more features and more space. The Alcazar promises more value, luxury and space along with giving a car like driving experience. It gives you everything the Creta has but a bit more. Expect a launch by the end of this month.

Somnath Chatterjee

Somnath Chatterjee

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