The desire to look good is the primal instinct and should be respected because ‘Looking Good is Feeling Good’. On the occasion of 35th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères, Mercedes-Benz revealed the partnership between Fashion Open Studio (FOS), the British, global non-profit organisation and them together for a campagin. FOS is a platform where designers share information, find solutions and value transparent lines of communication with the customers.

This campaign is to support the next generation talent and to create a better and sustainable future for them.  This year Mercedes-Benz and FOS have introduced a digital eco-sustainability mentorship program for all the fashion finalist participated in the Hyères Festival and the winner will be awarded by the jury.

Fashion Open Studio has created a road-map to inspire the Mercedes Benz market to engage in Fashion world. Alongside, it has a very important role to measure the environmental impact of the fashion world and exploring new things. Mercedes Benz fashion week is to measure and prioritise the opportunities for the designers and their innovations. The main moto behind the fashion weeks is to create a platform where consumers, young and new designers and brands exchanging their ideas, techniques, methods and information for the betterment of all the industries instead of a single brand.

On the partnership with Fashion Open Studio, Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Marketing says “We have continuously built a fashion engagement over the last 25 years and are committed to building a responsible and sustainable future of luxury design, with initiatives such as this with Fashion Open Studio. Our global fashion network will support the next generation of leading creatives, to inspire creativity and innovation, and ignite the conversation around the future of sustainable luxury.”

Through the eco-sustainability mentorship programme Mercedes Benz and Fashion Open Studio are going to highlight the key factors such as how to utilise pre-existing resources to cut down the production, how to nurture the talents and so on. Finalists were asked to create a particular look from their final collection which integrates the best eco-knowledge gain. Mercedes-Benz selected Daragh Soden, who was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury for Photography at Hyères Festival, an International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères is founded and directed by Jean-Pierre Blanc, and chaired by Pascale Mussard, in 2017, to capture the looks in an editorial shoot. Emma Bruschi was highly acknowledged by the mentors and thus he too will be integrated into an upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion activity in 2021.

Orsola de Castro, Creative Director of Fashion Open Studio, says “Fashion Open Studio values Mercedes-Benz’ commitment in supporting young fashion talents, and I have enjoyed working with the Hyères Festival finalists immensely. Most young designers want to embed ethics, sustainability and best practices into their creative processes, but are often confused as to how. A wise word of advice and encouragement can be all that is needed to unleash creativity for innovation.”

This year, the Grand Prix du Jury Première Vision was awarded to Tom Van Der Borght, defeating ten exceptionally talented finalists. He will get an opportunity to showcase his standalone fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin in Autumn/Winter 2021 from January 18 – 20, 2021. Mercedes Benz once again declared their shortlisted showroom at Festival Hyères and stated that they will keep supporting the next generation of fashion talent all over the world.

Dishary Basu

Dishary Basu

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