BMW and Frieze have once again joined forces to create a distinct form of art by bringing together artistic, technological and design prowess on a large scale, known as BMW Open Work by Frieze. For this year’s art installation, which is also the fourth of its kind, Open Work’s curator Attilia Fattori Franchini has chosen New York based artist and experimental choreographer Madeline Hollander to present the commission. The commission will be presented in a dual stage format according to which it will first be shown at the Frieze Week in London 2020 (October 5-11) through online and offline means in the form of an interactive digital platform and livery intervention, and second at Frieze Los Angeles 2020 as a live, site-specific installation. BMW Open Work by Frieze sets a stage for artists to test the frontiers of their imagination and artistic talents. For its 2020 edition, Madeline has chosen the title “Sunrise/ Sunset” to represent her commission.

Through this project, she aims at discovering how the present systems of daily tech, assistive technical apparatus and everyday life of the modern day has changed or limited the human body’s motion. Her artistic installations create breath taking visuals and engage viewers through the presentation of subtle continually entwining events which intercede with multi-dimensional, mental and time based landscapes. Hollander presents various ideas of how the human society and urban environment have had everlasting impact on each other, and she does so by positioning multiple examples of industrialized technology with the most basic of human behaviours and motions. For the site specific Frieze installation at Los Angeles in 2021, Madeline has taken forward her research into traffic patterns. After much dialogue with BMW’s Sustainability Department, she has created a presentation of hundreds of recycled BMW headlights for this event. Using these headlights, she has fashioned a live eternal clock based on a networked map composed by sunrises and sunsets all around the globe.

In reference to her commission, she said “Sunrise/ Sunset presents an immersive networked spectacle choreographed by sunsets and sunrises across the globe in real time.” Franchini on her choice of artist stated, “Working with a thrilling artist such as Madeline Hollander, pushing the possibilities of movement to depict invisible systems or processes brings the program into a new and exciting direction.” During the Frieze Week London 2020, will be launched on October 7. Along with this, viewers will be able to observe a global map and live traffic through cams of some of the major cities of the world. Frieze Week in London will also be witness to a whole convoy of BMW i3 electric vehicles, which will present the text “Tomorrow will be nothing like today will be nothing like tomorrow” in a loop format. The phrase in addition to being presented on the BMW i3 electric vehicles is a perfect embodiment of Madeline Hollander’s Sunrise/ Sunset work which is an analysis of perpetual loops, energy cycles and renewable power.

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