The Jazz is a much loved car in India, its space and practicality make it very desirable but the poor sales performance has led Honda to not bring the new 4th gen Jazz to the country.

The Honda Jazz is known as a unique car in the market, it has for years competed with vehicles much above its weight category and won. The intelligent construction of the hatchback which makes it extremely spacious while not expanding on dimensions is a testament to Hondas commitment to their motto of passenger first. But while the new Jazz has already been launched in most countries around the world, India is stuck with the old gen car and this might be a bad thing for Honda in India.

The new car looks fresh, it loses some of the extending sharp designs of the last gen and adopts a more curved up packaging. The hood extends to the grille, which forms a very narrow slit in a V-Shape flanked by bigger headlamp housings, which comes with very thick LED DRLs, the rest of the body resembles the old one, but is slightly bigger in dimensions which is perhaps a good thing, because most buyers go for the Jazz because of its large size. The side profile however is different with the C-pillar being thicker and the hatch at the back merging with the roof at a lesser angle this time.

The party piece of the Jazz has always been its interiors, the classic comfortable anti-fatigue seats, the ergonomic cabin design, the clean and clutter free design all are hallmarks of the Honda. The cabin is extremely spacious, Honda engineers have gone at it and expanded the space inside as much as they could without compromising on the comforts, storage spaces are plenty too. Alignment of the dashboard and the central console is slightly off, to benefit the driver to whom the console is placed closer while the dashboard is equal access for both the front seats. The infotainment screen is a 9 inch unit while the instrument panel is 7 inch, and in true Honda style the rear seats have small pockets to put your smartphone in for a snug fit.

So the new Jazz is a comprehensive and a much needed update, but it is rather surprising that Honda has not confirmed a date for the launch in India, and even went ahead with the BS6 version of the older gen Jazz. one of the factors might be that this time Honda has introduced a Hybrid engine, which is the sole powertrain in some countries like the UK, but a 1.3 litre and a 1.5 litre unit are also sold, but these engines are not the 1.2 litre one like the one in India has. With this new car, the revolutionary magic seats also make a comeback, which can be configured into 18 different settings depending upon use.

The new Hybrid system, the e:HEV powertrain which has a 1.5 litre petrol unit in tandem with the battery and the electric motor produce 109 PS. There are two electric motors which are powered by the battery which is charged by the petrol engine, in electric mode the car runs purely on battery power, and in Hybrid mode it uses inputs from both while in Engine drive, the power is directly routed to the tyres from the engine for higher performance.

The e:HEV Jazz is priced at 22,190 Pounds( INR 21 Lacs) in the UK, which would be an expensive option in India even if brough below 15 Lacs. Honda is expected to launch only the conventionally powered car in India, which should be priced similar to the current price point, that is 8.5 Lacs to 11 Lacs INR.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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