Toyota unveils new RAV4 Plug at the cynosure of the RAV4 range that gives an unprecedented combination of power with environment efficient. Its introduction braces up the appeal of the RAV4, the model which experienced the worldwide sales of more than 10 million. The model’s final homologation data shows 22 g/m CO2 and 1.0 l/100km (Combined WLTP cycle).


Performance And Technology

The new RAV4 plug-in have strong and genuine EV capabilities but which can also operate with highly efficient hybrid-electric power. The company has adopted an incremental approach to adding extra performance to the competence of the technology. In terms of EV driving range, the model delivers best-in-class performance and it is fuel-efficient. In RAV4 there is larger battery and inverter to gain more drive power as well as the ability which covers much greater distances at high speeds in EV mode. The Drivability is more enhanced in the Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid. The highest output for the full powertrain, including the 2.5-litre Dynamic Force hybrid engine, is 306 DIN hp/225 kW. The performance is comparable to a 2.0-litre petrol model, with 0-100 km/h acceleration in 10 seconds, for the EV mode.


2.5-litre Dynamic Force engine

The RAV4 plug-in has 2.5 dynamic force engine to deliver more power along with an improved torque curve. It has 2,487 cm3, four-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC Atkinson cycle power plant features Dual VVT-i intelligent intake (electrically controlled) along with exhaust valve timing and D-4S direct/indirect fuel injection with multi-hole injectors. The long, 103.4 mm stroke and the high 14.0:1 compression ratio help gain higher fuel efficiency.

New hybrid system

With the highest output of 306 DIN hp/225 kW, the RAV4 Plug-in is the most potent model in the RAV4 range which delivers higher results. The EV mode is the default where the hybrid engine doesn’t interfere, giving the driver the freedom to cover around 75 km (WLTP cycle) and achieve speeds of up to 135 km/h with zero fuel consumption. The plus point for the hybrid system is that the vehicle automatically switches to highly efficient hybrid operation depending on the battery state of charge (SOC).


Drives Mode

The RAV4 Plug-in has various operating modes for its system such as EV (electric vehicle) mode – the default mode, HV (hybrid vehicle) mode, Auto HV/EV mode and Charging mode.


Acceleration performance

The power of the plug-in hybrid system delivers a strong feeling of acceleration when driving in HV mode or auto EV/HV mode with the engine’s responsiveness and the higher output from the high-voltage battery give a quick performance.


Noise, vibration and quietness

To lower down the resonance from the gears the transaxle is made. The gears have well-polished tooth surfaces which allow silence operations. To decrease shock and rattle on start-up as well as fluctuations in torque in constant-speed driving, there is a damper system.


Exterior and Interior designs

There are few details which differentiate the RAV4 Plug-in from its hybrid, making it as the “refined sports” character. There is a metal-look finish to the below front moulding and rear adorn above the licence plate, the rear skid plate is coloured black. The 19-inch wheels and larger tyres have been used. The interior cabin is spacious and is fitted with sports seats, upholstered in dark grey cloth with contrast red stitching in the middle grade mode. Apart from all these the RA4-plug-in has comfort control, Remote charging control with efficient charging options.

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