Nexon EV is topping the sales for EVs in the country, the secret for this success lies in Tata Motors’ readiness for the segment and the industrial might which it is using to create a full-fledged EV ecosystem.

Tata Motors’ Nexon EV continues to dominate the passenger EV segment in India ahead of its rivals from MG and Hyundai. Nexon’s popularity has been in part due to the very early efforts made by Tata into the EV segment which has caught interest only now among Indian customers. The other electric offering from Tata-the Tigor EV also has been a popular choice for fleet operators. How has Tata made its offerings such a lucrative option for customers to go for instead of its rivals who mostly trump the Indian carmaker in other segments.

Nexon EV is the first indigenously developed SUV actually offers all the comforts one would expect from an SUV in this segment. The interior is plush and wrapped in leatherette. The premium electric sunroof, auto headlamps, follow-me-home headlamps, all available in the package that is powered by a proven electric motor. The Lithium Ion battery provides powerful as well as long lasting energy. The infotainment system is among the best with a 7in screen by Harman which ensure immersive audio and a fully digital 7in instrument cluster and a myriad of connectivity features.

The battery and electric motor has been rigorously tested against dust and water and comes with an IP67 rating for driving in all road conditions without the worry of damaging the battery or the electric motor and comes with an 8yr warranty for the battery (Or 1.6L kilometers). Testing included over 1 million kilometers of driving around India’s treacherous terrains. Safety is also of primary importance in the Nexon EV and comes equipped with dual airbags, ABS, EBD, cornering stability and uses the body which has been reinforced to ensure safety of occupants.

Using a CCS2 Fast charger the battery can be filled up to 80% in just 60 minutes. The company offers free charger installation at home and round the clock emergency charging support. Using the vast resources and technical support of Tata Power, the largest public vehicle charging system has been established in the country to provide Tata EV owners as well as supplement the country’s EV charging capabilities.

Tata Motors is using the vast range of Tata Group to develop and enhance the electric vehicle ecosystem in the country. Using the industry leading expertise of Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Tata Autocomp, Tata Motors Finance and Croma to help in the making of Tata uniEVerse which will enable a seamless EV ecosystem where one can easily finance and purchase EVs, avail the benefits of charging solutions offered by Tata Power at home as well as workplace and Public spaces. Tata Chemicals is instrumental in the making of the batteries for the cars along with Tata Autocomp aiding in the local assembly of batteries and motors. Tata Motors is working towards the creation of a fully end-to-end all services included ecosystem of electric vehicle owners in the country.

The Nexon EV has two modes, Sport and Drive the former of which gives higher levels of performance and can make the car reach a hundred in 9.9secs. The car also features the Impact 2.0 design of its siblings from the Tata range and evokes a feeling of sporty and premium car. The EV gets blue highlights and EV badging alongside the sporty grille, Tri-arrow detailing and premium finishing all around. The Nexon EV is priced at INR 13.99L for the XM variant with the top spec XZ+ LUX at INR 16.25L which makes it a highly attractive package even for customers looking to purchase a conventionally powered car in this range.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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