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Automotive accessories, though not essential to the mobility factor of a vehicle, play an extremely important role in adding functionality to interior features, increasing comfort and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the car. Hyundai’s All New Aura boasts ultramodern technology on the inside, and we have compiled a list of all the accessories that give this vehicle its special identity.

The stylish coupe-like exterior of the Hyundai Aura sedan creates a feeling of excitement for what this car holds on the inside. Its Sweeping Hood Design which is further accentuated by the Glossy black Turbo grille appeals as much to the eye as it does to a driver’s sporty instinct. The inside has been fitted with a host of Hyundai Genuine Accessories that ‘personalize your driving experience’. Let’s breeze through the advanced safety, style and other accessories that add to the Aura experience. The exterior body is kept safe from nicks and regular wear & tear with mud flaps, door visor and a body cover; it also has window sunshades (row a+b & row a+b+r) and moulding chrome on the side.

The Aura offers three steering wheel cover options in leatherette black, grey and a mix of both black & grey. Matting includes a standard boot mat and cabin mats in various styles- premium and standard carpet mat, designer mat PVC (sporty red and breeze blue) and all-weather mat (transparent and black). Styling accessories on the outside cover features like door scuff plates, fog lamp, tail lamp, ORVM cover etc. garnish. AURA also offers an extremely wide range of seat upholstery in various colours, designs and details from Smoky Black SC with Chard Interior to Onyx Black SC with Gray Core that truly add to the personally customized feel that Hyundai guarantees to all its customers.

The interior also comes with a number of supplementary features like car perfumes, safety kit, charging cable, humidifier and vacuum cleaner. As part of Covid-19 precautionary measures, the interior accessory package has been expanded to include necessary items like a KN95 mask, face shield, anti-bacterial spray, infrared temperature checking gun etc. Customers can also take a pick from many of the deity idol options available that can be placed on the dash. Organizers for car back seat and the boot space can also be added to the complete accessory pack. These are only a few of the numerous accessory options available that Aura buyers can choose for themselves.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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