The slightly surprising recent release picture on social media of a plug-in hybrid, production Ferrari apparently won’t hugely accelerate the rate at which PHEVs is taken up in India, but the SF90 certainly does give a slop sex charm on the idea of going “green” with the color of red, rolling in the streets of Chennai for the first time.

Sure, it will be tempting for Ferrari fans to have something rather special to flick the switch to “Qualifying” mode, unleashing this sizzling-looking super car’s 1000 horsepower, and allowing them to reach 200km/h in just 6.7 seconds, faster than any car ever produced in history.  Oh yeah!

And this Asia’s 1st RHD has been rolling in the streets of Chennai, letting multiple eyebrows to rise high up the sky, can be seen the Instagram with the tag of #ferrari #sf90stradale. Do you still doubt?  Have a look!

Damn, this astonishing machine!  Such is its power and advanced technology, it is hard to understand the SF90 is a series production car.  With its inception and debut, the super car arms race opens a blistering new stage and the testament to Ferrari’s commercial awareness and engineering superiority.  In addition, of course, it marks a return to a mid-engined Ferrari topper; something last observed and experienced almost 25 years ago with the F512M.

The real joy here, of course, will be in the driving, with a tremendous 25 control systems regarding all that power to the ground via the company’s first “performance all-wheel-drive scheme.”  In addition, to combine, balance, and constrain the blended effect of the standard Brembo carbon disc brakes and the regenerative braking force from the electric motors, Ferrari has produced a brake-by-wire system, which is exceptional.

As you would expect, a car named after the famous Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, it seems, is seizing the 21st-century net-all.  Even the wheels have been created with aerodynamics in mind, that act as rotors, creating extra downforce by absorbing more air across the front diffusers and deriving air from the wheel arches.  So, do not forget the restoration points, front, and rear.

We might as well say this now, such is the loyalty of its dynamic systems, the braking, and the immediacy of power and torque on-tap, and traction, the SF90 allows you to drive with even more modest skill and with the opportunity to experience the full force of approximately 1000bhp.  Yet still, it gathers such overwhelming speed you can only increase it for a few handfuls of flashes or seconds before you are driving at velocities that would certainly result in your imprisonment.  So stay safe and careful while having fun!!!

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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