Toyota Fortuner gets the Legender variant with more comfort and Off-road capabilities. Legender gets a more powerful engine and enhanced off road capabilities while being given a very distinct body and drive style. This facelift variant will launch in India around December 2020 or in early 2021.

Toyota’s “Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle”-IMV programme which has been active with the Toyota Motor Thailand Company has since 2004 released a number of successful models throughout the years like the Fortuner and the Innova, the Thai division has now released its freshest iteration of highly successful Fortuner SUV and as a treat to the customers added a range topping ‘Legender’ version which maxes out the cars capabilities and features and comes with very distinct body changes.

The base version of the Fortuner receives some updated cosmetic changes like the larger grille and bolder bumpers. New DRLs, guiding headlights and the LED light guiding taillights adorn the Fortuner which now sits on 18-in alloy wheels. The Legender on the other hand receives a more intense update, with edgier design which results in a muscular but aerodynamic look, a different grille, DRLs, full LED cluster headlamps, a matching bumper, two tone color scheme for the roof and larger 20-in alloys make the flagship fortuner stand out in the crowd.

The base model has a 2.4L GD Super Power engine which makes 150PS and 400Nm of torque, and has been designed to offer a standard surge of power when needed while tweaks have been made to increase fuel efficiency, a six-speed automatic gearbox transfers the power to the four wheels and is only transmission configuration available in all the Fortuner variants. The car features six sensors and dynamic cruise control to take on mild off-roading tasks and a Variable Flow control steering which automatically adjusts itself depending upon speed and traction to provide feedback and stiffness which enables the driver to have more confidence on and off the road.

The Legender gets a 2.8L engine which makes 204PS of power and 500Nm torque mated to the same six-speed gearbox, with an exclusive balanced shaft which reduces noise and vibrations and ensures that the Legender has enhanced comfort and cabin noise-reduction. The car has greater off-road capabilities that has been improved by idling at 850 to 680 rpm which keeps the power coursing and increases traction at the lowest speed, the infotainment screen displays wheel-positions like a proper off-roader. Clearance sonar has been added to all the corners and the rear useful in keeping the driver alert about the surrounding gaps. The steering wheel features a Variable Flow Control that adjusts the stiffness according to the speed which delivers precision handling.

The Fortuner also gets the Toyota Safety Sense which incorporates Pre-Collision system, Dynamic cruise control and Lane Departure alert. The sport mode makes the car feel more nimble and tunes the steering and accelerator for sporty driving. The car now has Apple Carplay, parking sensors, automatic rear door and wireless charging. T-Connect feature allows the customers to seamlessly keep a track of the car and SOS alert as well as theft tracking system. While a lot of these features are exclusive to the Legender, the base model may get a few of the upgrades to keep up with the competition in the market.

“The Legender represents a symbol of the ultimate leader, This is the ideal option for new generation businesspersons who are looking for cars that offer remarkable designs and innovative functions. Toyota Fortuner Legender stands out with its ever more sophisticated and cutting-edge design.” stated Surasak Suthongwan, VP Toyota Thailand. The base Fortuner starts at 1,319,000 THB ( INR 30L) while the Legender starts at 1,564,000 THB (INR 36 lakh).

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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