‘Electric and vintage’ – is an accurate description of cars made by the Green Masters, a native brand based in Sirsa, Haryana. This young firm has given a whole new meaning to driving locally, leaving no environmental footprint and looing stylish while doing so.

A small-scale automaker caught out interest when we caught wind of its growing popularity among the local populace of Haryana and numerous celebrities. The brand is celebrated because of its indigenous roots and its eco-friendly vintage cars that make an ideal companion to drive around the town. Currently Green Masters offers three vehicle options in its complete Electric Wax Wings Car roster- base model, top model and a kids’ car.

At a price of INR 170,000, the Electric Wax Wings Car Base Model offers a number of amenities. Powered by a Lead Acid battery, the car travels a total distance of 100 km per single charge and the 48 V battery takes around 4-5 hours to fully revitalise when connected to a domestic power outlet. The 315 kg vehicle has a 20 l luggage space and can carry a maximum weight of 200 kg while travelling at a peak velocity of 40 km/h. The size 19 tyres add to the car’s aesthetic appeal and widen its stance.

The vehicle seems optimal for lazy evenings and relaxed drives along smooth winding roads. The 48V lithium-ion battery fitted in the top model boosts the vehicle to a top speed of 45 km/h. This version is 15 kg lighter than its basic counterpart and carries a max weight that is 50 kg more as compared to the base model. These features come with a top model price tag of INR 220,000 and a two year warranty on with its battery.

Green Masters also offers an INR 80,000 mini version for children, which sports the same battery as their top model. Its 20km/h top speed is kid-friendly and the vehicle is extremely light at just 100 kg. The brand gained extreme exposure after featuring in a Sidhu Moosewala song video and when two JDU MLCs pulled up to the Bihar Legislative Assembly in the Electric Wax Wings. The company has made 2050 successful deliveries and the customers have been full of praises after driving their cars. All major operations including servicing and repairs take place in Sirsa. Brands like Green Masters will certainly be helpful in government’s initiative of bringing EVs to the public.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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