Ford Motor Company is carrying on with the transformation and the efficiency of its worldwide business, delivering changes regarding the company’s operations to come up with exceptional services which benefits the customers and providing them with future sustenance.

During a virtual town hall meeting with the company’s global team Jim Farley, who today succeeds Jim Hackett as Ford’s president and CEO, drafted all key goals and the other organizational changes, he mentioned, “ Ford plans to move with urgency to turn around its automotive operations – improving quality, reducing costs and accelerating the restructuring of underperforming businesses.”

And with the due time, Ford will grow by

  • Allocating more capital, resources and talent to its strongest businesses and vehicle franchises.
  • Expanding its leading commercial vehicle business with a suite of software services that drive loyalty and recurring revenue streams
  • Offering compelling, uniquely Ford fully electric vehicles at scale around the world, including Transit, F-Series, Mustang, SUVs and Lincoln
  • Adding more affordable vehicles to its global lineup, including in North America
  • Standing up new customer-facing businesses enabled by Argo AI’s world-class self-driving system.

In the course of the last three years with Jim Hackett and his supervision has driven the company to make meaningful advancements and have opened up new doors to becoming a vibrant, profitably growing company, Jim also said, “Now it’s time to charge through that door. “We are going to compete like a challenger – allocate capital to higher growth and return opportunities to create value – and earn customers for life through great products and a rewarding ownership experience.”

Ford is establishing modifications to its current operating model to deliver on certain priorities as discussed –

  • Concentrating decision-making and accountability around product and customer groups in three regional business units – The Americas and International Markets; Europe; and China
  • Accelerating innovation to be a leader in new businesses such as autonomous vehicles and mobility
  • Harnessing expertise in industrial platforms to develop world-class connected vehicles
  • Unleashing technology and software in ways that set Ford apart from competitors
  • Embracing and increasing the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and talent across the company.

With addition to all this, Ford also made some leadership changes along,

John Lawler, (54) will become the CFO of the company today with keeping in mind all the Finance andFord Motor Credit layouts. Lawler will be succeeding Tim Stone who is moving as a COO & CFO of a different artificial intelligence software company, He will remain with Ford until October 15 for a smooth transition within the company.

Lawler had been recently working as a CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles and as a VP to Mobility Partnerships and had spent more than 30 years at with Ford in finance leadership and general management.

He served as president of Ford China for nearly four years when the company sought a record in-country performance. He also served as corporate controller and CFO, Global Markets and head of worldwide strategy.

Farley exclaimed that, “John knows our company inside-out, has a clear view and great ambition for what Ford can be, and articulates what’s needed to get there, As the CFO, he will help assure we have the means to fund those ambitions.”

Jim also thanked Tim Stone for his great contributions to the company for years and highlighted the point that Tim pursued with a proper leadership holdings during the current COVID-19 crisis. Ford is grateful of having Tim on board all these years and wishes him the best for his future.

Jeff Lemmer, Ford’s Chief Information Officer will be retiring January 1, after serving the company for 33 years, as the successor for Lemmer as CIO, the new name will be announced soon in the coming months.

Farley said at the meeting that, “Jeff has been an outstanding leader at Ford and that was never truer than this year, when he and the IT team kept our company fully connected and operational during the pandemic,” “Ford shifted more than 100,000 people around the world to remote work virtually overnight because of COVID-19, and our information systems haven’t missed a beat.”

Ford will be planning two separate leaders to manage the Lincoln Motor Company and Global Marketing.

Joy Falotico (53), who was the current responsible person to run the Lincoln and Ford’s chief marketing officer for almost 3 years will be stuck with the company for its further growth until the new CMO is announced shortly. She will be reporting to Kumar Galhotra, who’s the president of The Americas and International Markets.

Galhotra mentioned that, “This change will allow Joy to focus on accelerating Lincoln’s global growth through great vehicles and services and a truly differentiated customer experience,” “Lincoln’s completely refreshed lineup is resonating with customers in the U.S. as well as in China, where we are now producing the Lincoln Aviator and Corsair locally, for Chinese customers – and that’s just the beginning.”

With further augmentation, In Europe separately, Dale Wishnousky (57), Vice President of the Manufacturing Dept. of Ford Europe will retire at the end of this year, He’s been working with Ford since 1987 and have been positioned over the key manufacturing and service leadership roles in multiple countries simultaneously.

Kieran Cahill (53), former Director of the Manufacturing & Strategic Projects, Ford Europe will be succeeding Wishnousky effective immediately.

  • With all the modifications in the operating models and leadership roles in the company worldwide, the company will soon gather upon a huge pile of profits and further achievements are on its way as to say.
Rupanjita Aich

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