The agile Mini Cooper S 3-Door is the perfect to take on a trip to the Northern foothills of Alps and scour the Lake Constance near Lindau. The Mini is a very practical small car, perfect to drive down the old Bavarian roads here, loaded with a roof and rear luggage rack which are available via Mini original accessories will make short work of large cargo one may carry for the trip. Its powerful engine makes 189bhp, enough to push the car at impressive cruising speeds through the winding roads here even if it’s laden with lots of luggage. The true colors of the car start to shine through when one uses bespoke Mini accessories which add massive versatility to the car.

The Original accessories from Mini- the roof box and the rear luggage rack expand the 3-door hatch to a very capable car with just a few adjustments, the roof box can hold 320L of luggage and has openings on both the sides for easy access and comes with Mini logo and the signature Mini stripes. The rear seats have a 60:40 split, which means the 211L boot space can be expanded to a very convenient 721L in a matter of seconds. The rear door comes with mountings for a rear luggage rack or a rear bike carrier, with tailgate opening feature with a loaded rack.

The Lake Constance area has bike and hiking trails which often lead to the shores, these are a perfect opportunity for travelers to use their bikes, which can be very easily transported via the bike rack on the back of the Mini. The Mini Cooper S comes with a 2L four cylinder engine pushing 192 hp and 280 Nm of torque which is mated to a 7-Speed Dual-clutch Steptronic automatic transmission from BMW. the suspension has been tweaked for this generation Mini and now favours a more relaxed approach, making the car much more comfortable for long journeys, something that the brand is emphasising on-it is no longer a puppy-eyed hatch for the cities, it can stretch its legs and offer similar functionality to a small SUV or sedan.

The Cooper S has been designed to be a driver’s car, not so sporty to be called a hot hatch but enough to make a grown man smile. The traction control works quite beautifully on winding roads, never making it feel like underpowered and the dual-clutch transmission ensures that the gear changes are quick and responsive. On the inside, Mini has done a lot of work on the infotainment screen and the overall interiors of the car, which now comes with a LED ring on the centre console. The purpose of the Mini accessories to exist is to give the Cooper S the bandwidth that its bigger siblings have, more space and more functionality without having to spend more for a separate car while offering reliable carry space.

The Mini Cooper S 3-door costs about INR 35 lakh in India, with the original accessories having varying costs.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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