The latest Punjabi song of Kaka and Ginni Kapoor titled ‘Kale Je Libaas Di’ has released and the love single began trending within a few hours of its upload.  The song has hit a chord with BMW fans as well.  Haven’t checked it out?  Let’s serve it to you!

In the wake of the deadly novel coronavirus, the song was launched on several social media platforms.  ‘Kale Je Libaas Di’ appears to be the first Punjabi song being reciprocating on the issue of racism.  The song is about a one-sided dark-skinned lover, who has a liking for an obvious, a fair-skinned woman, however, due to his skin, she never cared to notice him or his love either.  Their memories are still alive in each other’s hearts.  Both are neighbors and well known to each other in the face, but the girl has never shown her fondness towards him because of his dark skin.

Think of the gazillion Hindi songs we buzz every day that has the words ‘gore’ in them.  Now try to revive those songs that overtly praise lighter skin.  The list is infinite.  For example, the song from the film Gumnaam, “Hum Kaale Hai Toh,” is one in which Mehmood vaunts his good-heartedness as something that conceals his dark skin.  As if being dark was a horrifying thing.

The same is the case with the person (Kaka) here in this song, who tries his level best to be noticed, but failed, unfortunately.  However, the girl (Ginni Kapoor) has been seen in all black dresses throughout the video song.  Meanwhile, the song has been trending on the music chart, which has been sung by the Most Popular Singer Kaka.

Well, this song might make you plan a small trip with your group of friends to your preferred spot in your BMW X3.  Thanks to the aggregate of an unintentional transmission, all-wheel drive, and powerful engine, the X3 will hit 62mph in 4.1sec, 0.3sec, whereas the Top speed is restricted to 155mph.

Therefore, we reach different flies in the X3’s already insect-infested medicine. Priced from Rs 60.85 Lakh in India in its admittedly amply loaded Competition term, the BMW is almost more valuable than the recently produced vehicles.  In addition, it is worth cherishing us only get the up-spec Competition, BMW saw no limit in extending the ‘traditional’ version nobody was going to purchase.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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