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Slick headlamps with 3-dimensional light sources enhance the luxurious appearance of G90’s frontal design and maximizes opulence to match this top-of-the-line model. A functional, curved design complete the side profile of the vehicle to improve aerodynamic performance while conveying a powerful yet elegant image.

The natural feel of leather is maintained with full grain prime Nappa leather, and a stitch line jointly developed with an Austrian sewing specialty firm, making worldwide prominent premium automobile brand seats.

Top grade veneer was supplied from areas such as Germany and Italy, and by fusing the technology of tree forming in Italy and veneer coloring of Germany, the original wood color and natural wood grain are preserved as is, and top grade real wood is furnished.

Interface design based on accumulated user experience. The shape of anything the hand touches has been optimized. Comfortable usability with luxuriousness has been provided using metallic texture to all switches.

G90’s Lexicon speakers reproduce high quality sounds that are close to the original. The 17 speaker option includes a large subwoofer and an acoustic lens that deliver richer sounds, while premium stainless steel grilles enhance the luxurious ambience.

Modern ergo seats certified by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken,Germany) in the front and back can be adjusted in 22 and 14 directions respectively, allowing shoulder slope, front bolster, and headrest adjustments to provide the ultimate in seating comfort.

A 12.3″ high-resolution panoramic display provides exceptional visibility with a wide viewing angle and broad range of brightness. Navigational and media information can be conveniently seen through an expanded or split screen. An uncluttered screen helps the driver find and manipulate menus easily.

Media content can be seen and navigational information can be managed simultaneously from the rear seats through large, 9.2″, wide-viewing-angle dual monitors. A monitor tilting function allows rear seat passengers to adjust the angle of monitors when front seatbacks are reclined for greater viewing comfort.

The electronic Shift-by-wire system improves the comfort, smoothness, and responsiveness of the gear shift while reducing noise and vibration.

A radar in the front of the car monitors distance from vehicles in front and automatically maintains a selected speed and relative distance without the driver’s manipulation of the accelerator and brakes.

A built-in sensor in the rear bumper alerts the driver with a signal and alarm when a vehicle approaches the back of the car within a certain distance. It is effective to avoid vehicles that approach the car from the back or from blind spots at high speeds.

Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS) with LED headlamps greatly improve lateral visibility by automatically adjusting the illumination angle of low beams according to travel speed. General mode is active while traveling at speeds under 115 km/h on urban or local roads, and high speed mode is activated when traveling on highways at speeds greater than 115 km/h. In addition, Dynamic bending light (DBL) automatically swivels low beams left or right following the turning of the steering wheel for safer driving at night.

9 airbags (driver airbag, driver knee airbag, passenger airbag, and front-side, rear-side, and curtain airbags on each side) protect passengers against collisions from all directions.

An evolved electronic AWD system allowing for stable drive, even when cornering and driving on slippery roads, by variable power control to the front and rear wheels, and brake control to the left and right wheels by sensing the speed of the car and road surface conditions.

Integrated chassis control fused with electronically-controlled air suspensionprovides handling stability and driving comfort worthy of a premium sedan. Genesis adaptive control suspension (GACS), a high-performance suspension control system that distributes front and rear damping forces in dangerous, unstable situations, helps prevent collisions.