Do you have enough news related to the exceptional GR Yaris yet?  No?  Great, us neither!  So this time, the newest installment in the WRC series has got better.  What is it?  Let’s find out!

Remember when we updated about the first WRC 9 back this year?  Well, there is another update heading our way in the next month of December, inducing additional cars, platforms, and more to WRC 9 on PC, Xbox 1, and PlayStation 4.  Certainly, the Toyota GR Yaris Concept is the standout contribution, but there are loads more to catch your attentiveness.  Let’s find out.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that NACON and Toyota Motor Europe have declared the imminent arrival of the Toyota GR Yaris in the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, WRC 9.  In addition, Based on the GR Yaris, it is a distinct high-performance model, which combines all the cutting-edge technologies produced by Toyota, including a four-wheel drive for better driving on roads.  Hence, specifically created for competitions, it revived continuously in WRC 9 for a trustworthy experience.

As you might have notified, this is not a typical reveal.  Gamers installing the newest update in December will have entree to the car, which is ideal where one can spend hours over Christmas.  Additionally, Toyota achieves a trio of past, present, and future on WRC 9, and with it, the current Yaris and the iconic Corolla WRC is already available.

Obviously stimulated by the road car nobody can cease talking about, its development helped in uniting the united expertise of Toyota GAZOO Racing.  The Yaris WRC and its team, which won the Manufacturer’s title in the 2018 season, is already a follower cum favorite.  And now, Very promptly, rally car lovers can take the wheel of the GR Yaris Rally for the first time in a video game.

However, that is just for starters, and the full course menu along with the desert is yet to be served.  We mean, with the all-new Co-driver mode introduced to be a hotly awaited addition.  It will let two online players race in the corresponding car, assuring a completely new level of reality is brought to WRC 9.  The co-driver will give the rally pace notes, including each detail such as the bends, and hazards, thus building total immersion through the voice chat.  Also, communication and Synchronization are steps to victory in this co-op mode, providing the opportunity to really step into the feet of the sport’s top companies and encounter the game from a fresh panorama.

But hold on, don’t go there’s more since Rally Portugal will have six new limited stages prepared to compete in. thus, Due to these tracks varying between forests, wide-open spaces, and villages, with breath-taking scenes to cherish, there are many more moments of gameplay evolving your way.  Lastly, Engine power is limited through Toyota’s new GR-FOUR robust, controlled all-wheel-drive system.  An added feature, which grants three driving modes with distinct front or rear-drive torque to accommodate any conditions.

Thus, we just suggest you hold steady until the next available update for WRC 9 hitting in December and will be available to anyone who has WRC 9, which is releasing in December on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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