BMW has started the production of its fully-electric BMW model – the iX3 at the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) in Shenyang, China. The production started on 29th September, 2020 and was celebrated by the company workers at BBA Plant Dadong. The launch is also special because it took place at the Shenyang production facility known for its all-inclusive comprehensive quality management system. Its concept of “zero defect” guarantees that every single vehicle leaving their production lines meets the demands and expectations of the global electric car market. In order to ensure its high quality and zero shortcomings, every car undergoes 128 mechanical tests, 994 software functionality tests and 140 functional tests to cover every aspect from vehicle safety to battery quality. The productions of BMW iX3 has been conducted on the same line as X3 with combustion engine that gives high level effectiveness and production tractability. The consumption and emission values for the iX3 are astoundingly negligible – fuel consumption according to NEDC test cycle: 0.0 l/ 100 km, electric power consumption: 17.8 – 17.5 kWh/ 100 km, CO2 emissions: 0 g/ km and according to the WLTP test cycle fuel consumption stands at 0.0 l/ 100 km and electric consumption at 19.5- 18.5 kWh/ 100km while 0g / km CO2 emissions.

Due to this, it would be an ideal drive for anyone who likes an emission free car while keeping BMW’s sportiness. Head of BBA’s technology and production division, Franz Decker said, “Today, we begin production of the BMW iX3, the first pure electric model from our core BMW brand. With a production system like this, specialised for high quality, we are able to deliver what customer worldwide demand from premium vehicles.” The company has made several breakthroughs in the field of car making while producing this vehicle, as a result the iX3 will set an example for the coming fifth gen cars based on BMW’s eDrive technology.

It also has an operating range of 460 kilometres, courtesy of various factors like electric motors, power electronics and transmission, and also its high voltage battery which gives a total energy of 80 kWh. It has also been armoured with an electric motor producing 210 kW/ 286 hp and peak torque of 400 Nm. Apart from latest technical additions, it also has a new sound system – the BMW IconicSounds Electric, specially developed for electric powered BMW models only. In collaboration with master composer Hans Zimmer, BMW has aimed at creating an immersive hearing and driving experience for all iX3 passengers. Its aerodynamic body and plush interior have been exclusively created for this model. Designed for maximum riding comfort, the inner cabin is spacious and can comfortably fit five people for long journeys. Its professional looking LED lighting paired with BMW Maps cloud based navigation system and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant come as standard additions to the car. In addition to this, the most promising feature of the fully electric iX3 is its top notch environmental friendliness.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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