Bramble Energy, a developer of low-cost fuel cell technology, has taken delivery of a Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car, to provide practical and emission-free transport for its day-to-day business.

The company, based in Crawley, Sussex, will refuel its Mirai at the Shell and ITM Power hydrogen refuelling station at nearby Gatwick Airport. Since delivery in September, the car has already covered more than 1,500 miles and there are plans for it to be driven to Scotland for a supplier visit, demonstrating the viability of fuel cell vehicles in providing zero-emission transport.

Bramble Energy manufactures electrochemical devices using printed circuit boards, via the (PCB) industry’s supply chain, utilising its globally standardised materials, manufacturing techniques and well-established supply chains. In 2021 the company will launch a range of portable power fuel cell products in collaboration with BOC (a member of the Linde Group) with output powers ranging between 20W and 1kW. These can be used in many sectors, including surveillance, electrification, lighting and construction. Over the next few months, Bramble Energy will also be demonstrating its higher power density liquid-cooled fuel cells for larger power installations, including diesel displacement and motive power.

Tom Mason, CEO of Bramble Energy, said: “By adopting the Mirai for our business we can help demonstrate how hydrogen fuel cells can be used effectively in real-life applications. The Toyota Mirai is a superb example of the fact that fuel cell systems are reliable and easy to use and it is a very comfortable way of travelling. We will use our Mirai to connect us to our suppliers and customers, all while emitting only water, improving local air quality and demonstrating the maturity of fuel cell technology. At Bramble Energy we are committed to our mission of Powering Net Zero with our innovative PCBFC platform technology.”

Bramble Energy joins the growing number of private businesses across a wide range of sectors, including engineering, construction, aviation and private vehicle hire, which are using the Toyota Mirai for emission-free hydrogen powered transport.