Former-VW-Group-CEO-Ferdinand-Pi-ch-dies-at-82-1 Former-VW-Group-CEO-Ferdinand-Pi-ch-dies-at-82-2 Former-VW-Group-CEO-Ferdinand-Pi-ch-dies-at-82-3 Former-VW-Group-CEO-Ferdinand-Pi-ch-dies-at-82-4 Former-VW-Group-CEO-Ferdinand-Pi-ch-dies-at-82-5 Former-VW-Group-CEO-Ferdinand-Pi-ch-dies-at-82-6

The Volkswagen Group mourns its longtime CEO and Supervisory Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Piëch. On behalf of all 660,000 employees, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board express their sincere condolences to the family and pay tribute to Piëch’s great service to Volkswagen, the Group brands, and the development of the automobile as a whole.