Ford Bronco brand and the rugged clothing brand Filson, created the Wildland Fire Rig Concept, where the two companies come together in a collaboration, sponsoring the National Forest Foundation drives.  In order to preserve the communities and essential natural resources, the companies will provide two Broncos outfitted with firefighting equipment.

To produce a decked-out Bronco willing to combat the fires and to support the National Forest Foundation, the Ford Bronco teamed up with outdoor-clothing company Filson.  The Bronco Wildland Fire Rig concept is furnished from bumper to bumper with the devices that wildland firefighters need on the work job, while also being the quintessential off-roader to get whosesoever those firefighters to need to serve.

The Bronco + Filson Wildland Fire Rig concept is based on a four-door Badlands Bronco with the Sasquatch package, which offers it the most competent factory-built Bronco viable.  Interestingly, a winch and a roof rack enhance the exterior appearance of the vehicle, accompanied by an LED light bar.  While, a 50-gallon water tank sits in the back beside a water pump and fire hose, as well as a chainsaw and a large lift jack.  Ford claimed that the concept is meant as ‘ a prototype of future firefighting rigs’.

According to the director of marketing at Filsonto Doug Thielen, “The Filson and Bronco collaboration was a natural fit, given the deep histories both brands have with the U.S. Forest Service dating back to the midcentury when crews relied on the Filson Cruiser jackets and first-generation Broncos to reach remote terrain and protect them in harsh conditions.  Our resilient materials and innovative product designs are the perfect complements for the rugged Bronco SUV, and honor wildland firefighters who risk it all to protect our forests and natural resources.”

Describing the interior of the brand Filson, it contained sourced elements that cover the concept, including door bolsters, armrests, and seat trim in Otter Green duck fabric.  Mainly spurred by the inside of Filson’s down coats, the stitching through the skin seats is fixed in a pattern.  In addition, the Filson logos and Filson brass are even located throughout the interior in order to enhance the goodwill of the brand.

Most importantly, the concept introduces a full fire skid with a water tank in the back and inner layout components, which are made from classic Filson fabrics and other accessories.  It totally enhances the meaning of the concept, featuring iconic Forest Service Green paint, equivalent to the U.S. Forest Service Bronco.

That said, it is important that a principal cause of wildfires, climate change which is a human-caused phenomenon, according to specialists and scientists.  It is thus, not present in the marketing and promotional element for this project and others such as Ford’s launch of the Mach-E and the forthcoming electric F-150 pickup, which are a primary response to a dynamic climate change.

Notwithstanding, the concept is part of a larger collaboration between Ford and Filson brands to elevate funds for the National Forest Foundation’s reforestation plans and thus in process of promoting wildfire awareness.  This will be achieved through limited-edition Ford and Filson gear, which is accessible on the Filson website.  The Bronco Wild Fund, an honor fund that accommodates a part of every Bronco and Bronco Sports sale, has also granted two four-door Broncos modeled following the concept.

Siddhika Prajapati

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