This is what happens when you hire a ineligible and unknowledgeable team to run your official company profile. Ford India became the recent example of this act after their official Instagram profile @fordindia was hacked. What’s more shocking is that such brand profiles are managed by social media team which has high knowledge about such hacking tactics.

The hacker has renamed the blue tick verified Ford India profile as ‘Instagram Support’. However the username is still the same as @fordindia. Bio of the profile has been changed to, “From @instagram & @facebook This is an automated message sent to you. If you have infringed copyright, you will receive an automated message.” Profile picture has also been changed to Instagram logo and profile is set to private.

This hacking technique is highly trending on Instagram these days wherein hacker sends you a message on your email or Instagram DM that you have violated Instagram rules & regulation, your profile will get deleted, fill the form and clear your profile. There will be a link for a form in the message, you click the link, fill your password, username and other details, and in seconds your account will be hacked. Sometimes these messages can come from a blue tick verified profile which makes a user more ready to fill in his/her details. However is real life scenario, Instagram never send a message, they send notification.



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  1. Sona says:

    First of all, shame on you for playing the blame game. It is really unfair towards the ppl managing the ford account, even they are human and mistakes happen. Moreover you don’t even know the details of how the hack happened, and it didn’t happen the way you wrote in your article FYI. So holding only the social media agency/ppl accountable & questioning their capability is really disgusting of you. Before you write such articles, try to know the full story instead of publishing crap. And noone gave you the right to question other ppl jobs when you don’t even know them or how much hardwork they put. Shame on you and your team! People like you give journalism a bad name.