Statement from Maruti Suzuki –

There was a fire incident today afternoon in the Company’s Rohtak R&D centre in one of the buildings where a new lab expansion was being carried out by a third party project company. The fire was brought under control and the root cause is being examined along with the investigating authorities.

Unfortunately, two people working with a contract firm of the project company succumbed to the fire.

The Company deeply mourns this loss of life and stands with the families of the deceased in this moment of grief.

There have been no other injuries. This incident does not affect the production operations of the Company.

In continuation to our letter dated 11th April, 2022 on the fire incident at Company’s Rohtak R&D centre, it is further informed that the facility affected by fire incident is covered under insurance policy. The damage assessment is being carried out and the recovery of the insurance amount is subject to the valuer’s assessment of the damage.