Mopar-FCA’s after market brand has launched almost 80 accessories to be used with the new electric 500.

Fiat recently unveiled the New 500 electric hatchback and aims to disrupt markets around the world with its leading technologies and affordable pricing. The New 500 is designed to be futuristic, and that is where Mopar– the after sales brand for Fiat-Chrysler was also present and realised the scope of vehicle customisation and service for the car. And they have done so, providing one of the most extensive accessories collection of highest quality and from the manufacturer itself.

The team at Mopar worked closely with each phase of the 500’s development. From engineering to styling, the aim was to be able to offer the highest level of customisation which feels like a natural extension of the trim levels and fit in as a natural part of the car. Mopar has developed around 80 accessories for the car which are segregated into three sections- Fashion, Sport Techno, Ethics & Aesthetics Accessories and Be Proud.

The Fashion accessories are something that most 500 buyers would see themselves being attracted to, they have been made in conjunction with the design language used for the car. The buyer’s can check out the Fashion pack which uses Brass shade as its coloring or the Chrome pack which as the name suggests uses chrome to enhance the visual appeal of the New 500. The package includes diamond-cut wheels, special key cover, chevron roof motif, compartments for phone, make-up and a vanity case. The accessories are of the highest quality and ensure that your car stands out.

The Sport Techno uses distinctive elements added to the car to make it look sportier, featuring a very dark attire. The car is covered in Matte Maratea grey which can also be seen on the rearview mirrors, logos and the key cover along with the whole body of the car. The door features illuminated sills and ambient lighting inside, sporty motifs are added to the roof and the sides of the car which uses red accents . This package also includes 17in alloys.

Fiat means to have zero emissions and the New 500 is the answer to that. Accessories have been made using recycled or recyclable material, like the vegetable production scraps used for the Pebble shaped key, an attempt to relate to ethics has been made with these options by Mopar. The ‘Ethics&Aesthetics’ and ‘Be Proud’ relate precisely to the Electric 500 and the Mopar accessories which resonate with the theme. Roof can be used as a canvas with a leaf and eco-friendly mats inside. The D-Fence pack incorporates a high-pressure compartment filter, air purifier and UV Lamp which ensure that the car is clean and free of unwanted chemical or biological particulates- a feature that most cars do not possess.

Mopar is also responsible for the development of the connected services of the New 500. The Fiat app for the car is one of the most intuitive and extensive apps ever, featuring telemetry, charging status, door open/close command, lighting and AC command.. Safety is also a top priority for the app, which can on need or automatically connect user to emergency services or even dispatch them for assistance. The ‘Send&Go’ feature lets you plan the journey beforehand, which will pre-condition the car. The UConnect Box in the car is responsible for the services, and serves as the infotainment system that can also be used to access insurance data, e-commerce websites etc. alert for theft is also a feature of the Uconnect.

Although a lot of accessories have been listed here by us, you must visit Mopar for a more in-depth look at the accessories and their features as well as pricing.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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