President of Fiat Brand, Olivier François, introduced the New 500 3+1 “la Prima” along with the whole 500 roster at the Pinacoteca Agnelli art gallery in Lingotto, Turin. The vehicles are all ready for the market and carry Fiat’s promise of evolution and growth, to keep up with their customers who have also grown with time.

The New 500 3+1 is a fully reformed, all electric vehicle which still retains its personality of being a 500. The vehicle has been designed for customers who enjoyed the 500 in their youth and now require vehicles that accommodate their grown-up demands. Therefore, coming up with a solution for a more functional and accessible interior, the designers decided to add a third smaller door for the passengers while keeping everything else identical to the previous 500. The launch edition New 500 3+1 “la Prima” even though launched together, is different from its hatchback and cabriolet peers. Having its own unique style and an exclusive air about it, it comes in three different colours.

For people who enjoy the feel of exclusive cars, it has a bunch of select details from ‘Infinity design’ LED headlights to seats monogrammed with the Fiat logo. Boasting the highly advanced ADAS system, it also provides better connectivity with UConnect 5 Infotainment system. For the New 500 line-up; Action, Passion and Icon are not just simple words, they denote the three trim levels of entry-level, mid-range and high-end respectively. The first Action customization is a model electric car for the city life, equipped with a 70 kW e-motor which accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds. Aimed at attracting a millennial customer base, it understands and delivers their need for an eco-friendly as well as cost-conscious car. The second mid-range trim offers sustainability and technology in a single package. Its fast-charging, fast-pairing and Cruise Control make it a standard vehicle to drive around the city. The last Icon trim is, as the name suggests, an icon among all the three trims available. Being top-of-the-class in its design and innovation, it offers everything from electric mobility to exclusivity. All the New 500s have been created to be more technologically advanced and connected from the previous versions.

Their UConnect infotainment system has been set up to make driving easier and gratifying. The ADAS has acted as a venture into making the cars safer and giving the ability to autonomously drive at level 2. To assist a driver’s own style of driving, they also have three driving modes, namely- Normal, Range and Sherpa. Services like easyWallbox, Fiat GOe LIVE and Vehicle-to-Grid have been set up to facilitate environmentally responsible and low emission guilt-free driving. An ode to Italian culture, the AVAS converts its sound alert to music composed by Nino Rota for the movie Amarcord. The New 500 is a culmination of all the successful innovations done in the past 63 years, since its beginning in 1957. The uniqueness and exclusivity of the vehicle are still the same, as was the case for the original 500. Casa 500 and Sky Drive are set to be inaugurated on the 4th of July in 2021. Built on Lingotto’s roof, it will be a panoramic high-level park and will claim the title of being Europe’s highest hanging garden. Using eco-friendly methods of irrigation, it symbolizes the sustainable nature of the 500. Offering multiple customizations with Mopar and rent and subscription options like Leasys Miles and LeasysGO! have made the New 500 all-around accessible vehicles.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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