FCA, ENGIE Eps, and Terna have presented the pilot project Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) of electric mobility, in the reminiscent locality of the Heritage Hub within the Mirafiori FCA’s premises in Turin, which once totally finalized, will become the largest of its kind.

The V2G installation has been installed during a universal press conference in the logistic service area of Drosso, with the existence of the Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli.  The legislative body of the parliamentary committees, the main officials from the Piedmont Region and the City of Turin, and many more invitees from national and international organizations and publications – where FCA, ENGIE Eps, and Terna disclosed the V2G project while describing its features and how it actually works.

The V2G plant at Mirafiori is an assignment that is “100% made in Italy.”  On the one hand, it is a momentous prospect for the Italian industrial system to participate in a foremost role in the development of the future of the ecological movement.  While, on the other hand, it is the outcome of the combined strength of three firms that lead their areas.  In their use of such an advanced skill, their experimentations are now the commencement on a bidirectional indicting solution that aids from the physical combination in a solitary idea of interconnection with the power network, skillful of cooperating with the other vitality resources.

This V2G plant allows vehicles to interchange energy with the power grid, making them a useful resource for the national power grid functioned by Terna.  It is done to subsidize to the founding of an ecological electrical system and to signify a chance to amplify the functioning costs of the vehicles for the advantage of motorists, as well as an existing probability of contributing to a more viable energy method.

Bidirectional technology works as it charges both the car and revenue power to the grid.  It thus can only work efficiently when the car and the charging infrastructure state a mutual language.  This emphasizes the trial launched with the installation of the plant.  V2G thus signifies the main opportunity, which is why FCA – together with its partners ENGIE Eps, the technicians who built the plant, and Terna, the operator of the high- and ultra-high-voltage national power grid – has dedicated to a leading project.

The construction of the first phase of the plant includes the installation of 32 V2G columns, which is proficient in linking 64 vehicles, intended at piloting the equipment, and dealing with the logistics of the storage area.  The Drosso V2G project will be prolonged to interrelate up to 700 electric vehicles, making it the biggest facility of its kind ever built in the world by the end of 2021.

Whereas the second phase of the management will be mostly verbalized by cost-effectiveness: the purposes will be to deliver services to the Terna power grid and to guarantee an optimistic financial result for FCA and ENGIE Eps.

The Head of e-Mobility for FCA’s EMEA Region, Roberto Di Stefano explained, “Vehicle-to-Grid technology represents a significant opportunity to optimize the operating costs of cars for the benefit of motorists, as well as the concrete possibility of contributing to the sustainability of the power grid.  However, we need a V2G-friendly regulatory environment.  The Ministry of Economic Development has laid down criteria and means to promote the dissemination of Vehicle-to-Grid technology in Italy, with the aim of facilitating the spread of electric vehicles and the increase in flexible resources the electricity system requires for sufficient mainstreaming of renewable sources.

“A full regulatory framework is now expected to follow, referring to the fair remuneration of network stabilization services and coverage of the additional costs associated with the installation of bidirectional connecting devices and measurement systems, for the provision of ancillary services.”

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