Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale, known for its record-breaking power levels has a new successor- the SF90 Spider. This new digital launch has taken the global sports car segment by storm with its latest Ferrari engineering and innovation.

Ferrari enthusiasts from all over the world witnessed the release of Ferrari’s newest creation on November 12, 2020 through an online launch. Added as a new member to the SF90 Stradale line-up, the SF90 Spider has been made for those drivers who want the thrill of driving a Ferrari supercar merged with the extroverted appeal of a convertible. The new car has raised the bar for all car makers who would now have to compete with an open-top car which has been strengthened with Ferrari’s performance.

The fact that this convertible can offer supercar level performance is majorly owed to the retractable hard top (RHT) which Ferrari first used in 2011 and has been constantly evolved ever since. The evolution of this lightweight RHT has made it possible for it to assist the company’s ambitious plans. SF90 Spider also delivers more hard core race performance in the Assetto Fiorano package which has boosted its power through efficient design and lighter body. Apart from its class-leading unique design and extra performance pack, another noticeable element in this car is Ferrari’s first ever plug-in hybrid powertrain with a range of equipment from V8 turbo ICE and an 8-speed DCT to a high volt battery and inverter. The engineers at Ferrari also deserve much recognition for completely breaking down and then building from scratch its input and exhaust structures. Its power flow and energy recovery work in sync to simultaneously deliver max output while keeping power usage and recycling in check.

Spider’s four modes- eDrive, hybrid, performance, qualify: can be selected as per the driving conditions and mood of the driver. ‘An open-top car which offers its parent company’s hallmark driving thrill’, this vision was exactly as hard to accomplish as it sounds. Developing and improving on their previous works, Ferrari had to give their new car a completely transformed vehicle dynamic, which would be capable of withstanding high speed conditions. This is how the eSSC (electronic Side Slip Control) vehicle dynamic control system was created to regulate and allocate engine torque.

Its unmatched aerodynamic abilities came into being by taking inspiration from the SF90 Stradale and further adding new technical know-how to tackle issues like delivering heavy results while using the RHT, lessening aerodynamic turmoil while the top is open and engine bay flows. The target seemed hard to achieve, however, Ferrari once again reached the levels it set its sight upon. The production of this car is not only a result of its strong powertrain or RHT, it also lies in the outside bodywork which makes the car feel look like a model from the future. Its distinctive styling and stunning proportions have made it an even greater example of automobile designing than its predecessor.

For the inside, the designers chose a fully digital and minimalist modern styling. It has everything from a display screen for navigation and other assistive tasks to new touch controls. For customers interested in making this purchase, Ferrari has even more lucrative offers accompanying the car. It includes a seven year maintenance offer exclusive to Ferrari owners, with regular maintenance checks and additional services. The new Ferrari SF90 Spider holds much promise and we would definitely be keeping an eye out to see how it performs in the market.



Type V8 – 90° – turbo – dry sump

Overall displacement 3990 cc

Bore and stroke 88 mm x 82 mm

Max. power output 780 cv (769 HP) at 7500 rpm

Max. torque 800 Nm at 6000 rpm

Max. engine speed 8000 rpm

Compression ratio 9.4:1


eDrive max. power output 162 kW

eDrive max. range 25 km

Battery capacity 7.9 kWh


Length 4704 mm

Width 1973 mm

Height 1191 mm

Wheelbase 2649 mm

Front track 1679 mm

Rear track 1652 mm

Dry weight** 1670 kg

Dry weight/power 1.67 kg/cv

Weight distribution 45% front / 55% rear

Boot capacity 74 litres

Fuel tank capacity 68 litres (11 reserve)


Front 255/35 ZR 20 J9.5

Rear 315/30 ZR 20 J11.5


Front 398 x 223 x 38 mm

Rear 360 x 233 x 32 mm


F1 eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, AWD, electric front axle

Electronic controls: eSSC: E4WD (eTC, e-Diff3), SCME-Frs, FDE 2.0, EPS; high performance ABS/EBD with energy recovery


Max. combined power output 1000 cv (735 kW)

0-100 km/h 2.5 s

0-200 km/h 7.0 s

100-0 km/h < 29.5 m

Max. speed 340 km/h

Lap time at Fiorano 79.5 s

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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