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After Ferrari presented the forced-breathed V8 version of the sleek Gran Turismo Shooting Brake with the GTC4 Lusso T in addition to the well-known V12 engine of the GTC4 Lusso last year, german tuning company Wheelsandmore followed with its final tuning program for the family sportscar. The successor of the predecessor model FF in the 12-cylinder version continues to offer all-wheel drive and as rear wheel driven with the V8 Bi-Turbo.

However for the professionals from tuning factory of Wheelsandmore it does not make any difference in the development of suitable rims on which drive concept the corresponding GTC4 Lusso is based. Just in time for the start of the season in 2018 the wheel manufacturer also presents exciting forged wheels for the shapely four-seater. The new wheel design FORK has been customized for the Ferrari in the perfectly fitting sizes and colored elegantly to the vehicle finish. Due to the discreetly sporty inscription of the central locking optics, the directional forged wheel immediately catches the eye of the observer of the Wheelsandmore tuning concept. On the steering axle of the GTC4 Lusso the luxury tuner fitted wheels and tires in the size 9.5×21 inches and 255/30/21 and on the steering rear axle 12.0×22 measuring rims with 315/25/22 tires made by Pirelli. The price of a complete wheel set starts without upgrades at 12.604 EURO.

The suspension was lowered by 30mm special lowering springs. This component is also suitable for vehicles with standard lift-up function.

Since performance can only be gained by even more power and the slightly weaker V8 brother could need some power upgrade to close the gap to the 12-cylinder version Wheelsandmore has developed a plug-and-play tuning box which generates a quick power upgrade due easy installation from stock 610hp and 760nm in 2 different stages up to 715hp. In combination with the complete exhaust system of the luxury tuner the GTC4 Lusso T now produces 715 hp and 885Nm and, without the exhaust components, at least a hefty 695 hp and 860 Nm of torque. The prices for the performance increases start at Wheelsandmore at consumer friendly 2.520 EURO excl. VAT.