Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_1 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_10 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_11 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_12 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_13 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_14 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_15 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_16 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_17 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_18 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_19 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_2 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_20 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_21 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_22 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_3 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_4 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_5 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_6 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_7 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_8 Ferrari_488_Pista_by_Pogea_Racing_FPlus_Corsa_9

Pogea racing fplus corsa
Based on the Ferrari 488 GTB

World Premiere of pogea racing – fplus corsa at Monaco Top Marques 2018 –
Pogea Racing Refines The Ferrari 488 with passion and expertise.

No matter whether in a abarth Alfa Romeo or for the first time in a supercar of the Ferrari Ferrari, all of the work of the racing is in common: absolute dedication to the design finding and uncompromising perfection in The tuning specialist from Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance nevertheless convinces with aesthetic aesthetics as well as technical innovations. Ferrari 488 gtb in all disciplines, which is presented for the first time in Monaco

Extensive body modifications transform the more round series into a trained athlete. Pogea is a member of Italian designer Michele Leo Nello. This is an incomparable look with typical Italian lightness, both in shaping and through the design element of carbon vision. In the 488s, Ferrari uses the-and high-strength carbon material for its bodyshell. Pogea racing has been baptized as the main component of all its body components: bumper, rear, active diffuser, side wings as well as side and wing are prepreg-pure spoiler, pogea reduces the series weight in sum

With the same recalibration of the aerodynamics of aerodynamics, the drive unit is also subjected to fine tuning. Exhausts, both engine power and now 820 HP / 603 kw and 900 NM, the v8 biturbo aggregates accelerates the fplus corsa in breathtaking 2,8 seconds (Series: 3,0 s) to 100 km / h (345 mph) – the series already bends at 330 km / h.

Tire combinations: Pogea Mounted Pilot Sport 4 s tires of its development partner Michelin in sizes VA 245/30 zr21 and ha 325/25 zr21 The monoblock rims manufactured in 9 x21 and 11 x21 reduce the jump dimensions and improve acceleration and braking. Pogea-Sport Springs so optimize the stability and set the rims prominently in scene.

The Pogea racing fplus corsa conversion, limited to 20 copies, is made entirely in germany after ordering and delivering all the necessary vehicle tests.

Optionally Individualized Pogea racing the 488 cockpit for the center after individual bi. Whether completely leather in color or complementary view of carbon applications, the specialist team around eduard pogea meets every desire with a familiar passion and expertise for exclusive Italian Sports