• The Note is a very popular car in Japan and Nissan has made the deal more lucrative with the new updates

Japan’s highest selling Nissan has got an upgrade with a completely new Powertrain. The Note is a popular car in the land of the Rising Sun and with the addition of the e-Power, which is now in its second generation Nissan hopes to increase its output of electric vehicles in its home turf. The e-Power technology uses a petrol engine to power the battery, which powers the electric motor which is a unique design in terms of electrified powertrains, the technology is able to greatly advance the efficiency of the vehicle while increasing the performance far beyond the capability of either power source if used standalone.

The e-Power in the new Note has 10% more torque and 6% more power, which enables the small car to enjoy the benefits of the high output motor which can provide superior acceleration. The inverter, as Nissan calls the battery, is now smaller in size and much lighter as well, occupying 40% less space and weighing 30% less. The petrol engine has been made more efficient and is able to keep the battery topped up, resulting in reduced usage. The system is expected to be parallel to the one in the Nissan Kicks, which makes around 127hp and 260Nm of torque from its electric motors.

The Note now has a tweaked body, with the Nissan V-Grille on the front which has been made bigger. The headlamps are now elongated and are fitted with projectors and give the car a more aggressive stance, along with the air intakes. The car has two electric motors, one front and one in the rear, making the car a fully EV drive vehicle, i.e. the Note is capable of running only on battery power using the electric motors when the engine is off. The body of the car is insulated and thus gives the cabin a very quiet ambience, almost as if there isn’t a petrol engine present. The wheels are 16in aluminium ones and a range of 13 different body colors is available.

The interiors are blacked out and the seats feature armrests, the electric drive makes sure that the cabin if not plush has more than the expected levels of comfort than one may expect, due to the smoother drive experience. Wireless charging, digital gauges and Nissan ProPilot are other features of the interior. The rear seats are reclining as well and the boot opening has been made wide, to make loading and unloading of bags easier. The ProPilot integrates navigation into the infotainment screen and the safety features, which includes speed limit monitoring, navigation assisted braking among other standard features. The chassis has been made from 1470 MPa ultra-high tensile steel, the first time Nissan has used it which makes the car lighter as well as more secure.

“In 2016, the Note e-Power became a hot seller as soon as it started sales in Japan,” said Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer. “With this all-new Note, we want to bring the joy of e-Power to even more customers. Once you experience e-Power, you will instantly discover why it has been well received by customers. It offers linear and exhilarating acceleration that is unique to 100% electric motor drive, but without the restraint of battery charge. This is the power of e-Power.”

The Nissan Note e-Power is available in three trim levels, the base S-2,029,500 Yen( INR 14L) , F -2,054,800 Yen (INR 15L) and the top X-2,186,800 (INR 16L).

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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