Using technology derived from both racing classes, and upping the power, Ferrari has made the most attacking 488 race car yet.

A new Ferrari is in town, and no it is not something completely fresh, but rather a no-holds barred version of the 488. Welcome to the 488 GT Modificata car which blends the innovations used in GT3 and GTE classes but rather than being restricted by the rules of the racing categories the Modificata is what a 488 can be in its most extreme form. And it shares some basic rules with the Ferrari FXX K- that it can only be driven on the track and you cannot actually take it home, the Ferrari engineers will provide the car and tune it for use for a designated day.

Quite aptly named the Modificata, the 3.9L twin-turbo V8 which has been since its introduction considered one of the best engines to be fitted into any car of its class has been improved by Ferrari if that was even possible. It now makes almost 700hp, and to handle the increase in power which has been upped by a hundred horses (GTE has 650hp while the GT3 has 600hp) the engineers added a stronger gearbox, which comes with variable transmission ratios, a very sturdy carbon-fibre clutch. The Modificata, if allowed to race in either of the two racing classes, will easily smoke its competition because it does not adhere to the FIA rules. The GT3 has won over 350 races with 630 podium finishes, while the GTE has won the Le Mans.

The Modificata was developed on the Nordschleife, after which the engineers reworked the aerodynamics of the car, by making the downforce maximum point in central forward position which does not affect drag and makes the car faster with the rear wing working the airflow at the back. The body is carbon-fibre while the roof is made out of aluminium along with the uprights. The car is successfully able to create 1000 kilograms of downforce when travelling at 230kmh. The suspension of the Modificata has been lifted from the GTE while the ABS is from the GT3 EVO, with modifications. The braking system is new and developed with Brembo and features low residual torque callipers which are a standard part in the championship cars, the brakes are more resistant to fading.

The car comes loaded with lots of standard equipment for track use, like a V-Box Acquisition system which maps the speed and position of vehicle on the track and the Bosch Telemetry data system which provides the driver and pit crew with accurate data. There’s also a second seat, tyre pressure management system and rear-view camera. Ferrari offers its renowned personalisation options on the car for the exterior as well as the interior.

The car will initially be made available for sale only to individuals who have previously participated in Club Competizioni GT or with Ferrari in GT events. The Club Competizioni GT is Ferrari’s way of celebrating the legendary track focused cars from its history onto the track for some serious driving. Cars like the F40 Competizione, the 488 GT3/GTE, FXX cars participate in the event. Six events under the club will be held in 2021, with Virginia International Raceway, Monza, Watkins Glen, Suzuka, Nurburgring and the Finali Mondiali tracks.

The car is to be limited in number, but the exact figures haven’t been released by Ferrari, same goes for the pricing for this rare Track Ferrari.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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