Ford has set its plans into motion for a futuristic advancement with its new self-driving fourth gen test vehicle which runs on Argo’s Artificial Intelligence. The project is a confident plunge into this exclusively explored territory and promises huge potential with great benefits.

Self-driving test vehicles, the fourth of their kind have finally been unveiled by Ford and Argo. These vehicles that are the only prototypes of their kind have been created based on the Escape Hybrid platform and pack a powerful punch of the most up to date equipment on computation and sensation. By bringing this service to the general public, Ford has high hopes of establishing itself as a benchmark company in the self-driving auto industry. Every material and system used in the making of this self-directed vehicle has been cherry-picked with “launch intent” to attract more customers and foster its marketability. Using the Escape Hybrid to go online, they have set up a system where continuous progress can be made on the vehicle to further improve it for the launch. Also, insights gained from continual usage helps in modifications and new tech applications in the vehicle. One of the standard technical equipment and example of Ford’s flawless engineering is the new and advanced sensing technology applied to the vehicle.

The sensing tech has been upgraded as a whole with the new LiDAR, which gives a full circle field of vision with its 128-beam sensing and now comes with a better resolution. Latest near-field cameras help in staying up to speed with what is happening all around the vehicle and also assists the Escape Hybrid in detecting all kinds of dormant and dynamic objects around the autonomous car. The Hybrid also delivers maximum performance in being an electric giant with superior incorporation and its inimitable battery design which uses liquid to cool down and is located in the underfloor. It has also undergone multitudes of modifications to add battery cells to its high volt battery, further increasing the overall battery power while simultaneously decreasing the gasoline fuel consumption. Taking into account the different kinds of road conditions and data from preceding test vehicles, its sensor cleaning structure has also been upgraded. To tackle the problem of natural phenomena like rain, mud and rubble disturbing the field of view in cameras and sensors, forced-air cleaning chambers have been set around the equipment.

These chambers, in addition to liquid based pressure cleaning from spray nozzles and hydrophobic coatings; have greatly improved the cleaning system of the vehicles. New sensing and cleaning tech are only a handful of all the advanced features that Ford’s self-efficient vehicles provide. This fourth-generation model is the company’s ideal vehicle to lay down a foundation in the market and at the same time open doors for more growth as well as progress in this field. In collaboration with Argo AI, Ford has developed an immaculate market plan, which does not only rely on customer spending but is also based on constant improvement and updates of old tech. After a successful launch of their new project, Ford aims at testing their overall performance along with its Fusion Hybrids at a multi-city level from cities like Austin, Detroit and Miami to Washington DC and Pittsburgh.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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