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In 2014, EQUUS Automotive demonstrated its dedication to honoring the design, power and detailed styling of iconic 1960’s and 1970’s muscle cars with the release of the Bass770. Now the manufacturer of the “ultimate muscle car”, brings you its take on the ultimate American performance car, the Throwback. Equus takes the customer down memory lane to an era when Corvettes were synonymous with performance and class. The Throwback can be personalized for the design orientated drivers or for the fastest paced performance centric customer, always emphasizing the original love of an icon, desire for innovation and uncompromised quality.

The new THROWBACK model by EQUUS Automotive

EQUUS Automotive, the manufacturer of the world famous BASS 770 – a car voted the “ultimate Muscle Car”, has extended its product line with the new Throwback model. With the knowledge and Brand recognition created during the ground up design, manufacture and build of the BASS 770, EQUUS has expanded into the Exclusive customization market of iconic American brands. Just as companies like Brabus and Alpina focus on European brands, EQUUS Automotive is focused on providing American Sports car lovers the ultimate interpretation of todayʼs designs. Maximum power, stability and quality.

The THROWBACK model uses unique styling language in its outer skin to create a breathtaking vision of the ultimate Corvette.

The THROWBACK is more than just a Corvette, itʼs significantly upgraded with a high degree of everyday utility making it the best in its class.

EQUUS Automotive caters to customers that want something special and the ultimate vehicle in its class. The Throwback, starting at $130k, provides that platform! With options all the way up to a 1000hp, 822 lbs. torque, hitting 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 220+ mph.

The customization and personalization opportunities are endless.

The THROWBACK will be a limited production model (25 cars), insuring collector status and exclusivity.