• Enercent Onboards BigBasket as a customer starting with Bangalore and scaling to other Metros
  • The online grocery leader is utilizing the Enercent app and its pay per watt model for 360 degree charging solutions  

New Delhi: Enercent, the Multi-Sided energy platform for the EV sector has entered into a collaboration with Big Basket on-boarding 12 warehouses of the online grocery giant.

The Enercent App is now being utilized by all EV-using Big Basket delivery agents to determine, chart, preserve, Charge and evaluate their 2 wheeler and 3-wheeler EVs. Enercent is also extending a unified dashboard for warehouse-level, regional and HQ operations managers of Big Basket. Through this tech-innovation, site managers can duly automate their entire EV Charging operations, monitor energy usage, benchmark against total delivery distance covered and add new charging points/users tied to a warehouse/city. Through this seamless innovation, Enercent has effectively eliminated the need for manned-charging personnel at each Big Basket warehouse by delivering 100% automation.

Earlier this year, the largest online grocery store unveiled its Plan to roll out 10K EV vehicles comprising of bikes and vans initially across India to further fuel the nationwide EV transition. With an ever-growing delivery cycle and the rising fuel costs, EVs are set to become the standard choice for last-mile delivery.

Commenting on the assiduous partnership, the spokesperson, Anantha Bhargava Gollapali, Founder and MD, Enercent said,” Enercent is excited to have completed the Bangalore-leg of our multi city EV Charging solutions for BigBasket. The granularity and analytics for EV Charging, Range, Performance and other Vehicle Parameters make EV adoption seamless for Last-Mile Delivery companies.”

Commenting on the association, the spokesperson, Commander (Retd) Ganapathi Subramanyam the Head of Innovations, Big Basket said, “Enercent’s state of the art Energy as a Service (EaaS) platform is helping us accelerate EV adoption and bring the much needed granularity for charging and energy needs at site level. We like Enercent’s cutting edge technology as their end to end solution has managed to release management time required to monitor EVs and scale them . Enercent is now scaling EaaS for Big Basket across Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR and Mumbai in the first phase.”

Enercent is a Bengaluru-based multi-sided energy platform for EV Consumers, Charging Infrastructure Owners/Operators, Parking Lots, EV OEMs and Utilities/Power Producers. The platform provides energy-as-a-service solutions to clients with real-time demand response and end-to-end EV charging solution seeking to capitalize on the EV boom that is expected to standardize in the near future. The company intends to eliminate the various bottlenecks in electric vehicle charging ecosystem by providing EV purveyors a state-of-the-art end-to-end turnkey solution for their charging infrastructure.

The organization prides itself as the market pioneer and one of the foremost innovators in the Indian EV scene. It caters to the B2B, B2B2C, Logistics and energy players’ specialized needs of EVS employed in the Online/E-commerce last-mile delivery, fleet and delivery industries. Universally acclaimed for its unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, core segment competency and the ability to provide well-tailored EV solutions and experiential charging architecture, Enercent seeks to bring this relatively niche industry to the mainstream frontier. The company ambitions to advance the pan India ‘electrique’ transition by developing an immaculate EV charging infrastructure for its clients and collaborators across the country.