One of the most prestigious luxury cars in the world, Elvis Presley’s 1969 Mercedes 600, Handmade and custom-designed, produced in Germany between 1963 and 1981, reaching a level of excellence that would make other wheels of those times and these times, is now for sale.

It seems a concern of logic that the best Elvis Presley’s1969 Mercedes 600 of all terms exercises a hydraulic system for all its mechanisms.  In addition, when we say all, we really expect it.  This is actually one of the two Mercedes-Benz 600s Elvis acquired, and clearly appreciated.  This one from Mercedes-Benz of Hollywood and he used in Memphis, while the other was obtained from Memphis and driven in California.

Not many know that it was delivered to the King on December 15, 1970, this 600 continued in his hold for years.  That is a strange phenomenon in and of itself is that he was known to be fond of buying cars and bikes, use them for weeks, and then gift them to friends and relatives.  Elvis left the 600 later on to his longtime friend, Jimmy Velvet.  After Elvis’ demise, Velvet publicized it in his Elvis Museum in his memories. A true bond of Friendship!

Among the world-famous owners, it came under the ownership of the Dollar General CEO, the 600 got significant on air suspension, braking, and exhaust.  The recent seller obtained it in the year 2002.

Although very expensive, the car comes in industry silver over black leather, with gray layering.  Elvis had the Taking Care of Business (TCB), the name of Elvis’ comeback band, also known as the Memphis Mafia Monogram imprinted on the front doors. also, there were two more shot glasses, covered in the refrigerated between the front seats, and a separate TCB shot glass, which the owner found in the trunk upon deal.

Produced in a limited number, in 20 years, it is powered by a 6.3-liter M100 V8 with a four-speed automated transmission.  It has the aforementioned cooling console for drinks, separate front and rear AC settings, hydraulically powered windows, and rear privacy curtains.  Well, on a safety note, just do not use those cooling console for drinking while driving.

Not only the 600 but also other fabulous Mercedes cars came out of his soul and hands.  In addition to appropriate paperwork, Elvis’ 600 arises with an array of Elvis memorabilia, including newspaper clippings, Elvis bust, the TCB shot glass, and stuff from the Elvis museum in Graceland.  In more scattered words, this Mercedes-Benz is not just an unimaginable get of a classic piece of the ride, but also a must-have for any decent– and rich of course– Elvis fan.

Moreover, in case you are one of the die-hard fans of him, and for sure impressed in buying this on his memorial, then you must be the owner of it without any delay.  It can be at your front doors with a current bid of $210,000 (INR 15,468,746).




Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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