Automobili Lamborghini has moved forth with its game-changing Female Advisory Board and launched the Lamborghini FAB Talks. The FAB Talks is a podcast about the transformational stories of eight women members of the Female Advisory Board of the company. Set up in 2018, the FAB aimed at creating a platform for women to indulge in dialogue about important issues and overcoming challenges. The women participating in the board hailed from different backgrounds and all walks of life, from company members and customers to entrepreneurs and influential female figures. The podcast is available at and can be streamed with all major publishers like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. Lamborghini aimed at aiding these women in bringing their hopes to fruition and creating a healthy discourse around topics that can drive change and how anyone can do it notwithstanding their gender, social status of present situation.

“Lamborghini is a brand that itself is constantly transforming, driving for new levels of ground-breaking technologies, innovation and success, addressing and overcoming obstacles to create the Lamborghini of tomorrow. Our recent company transformation came with the arrival of the Urus Super SUV, which brought a third Lamborghini model line, a doubling of our production site and volumes, 700 new hiring and customers of which more than 70% are new to our brand,” said Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer for Automobili Lamborghini when asked about the company’s inspiration to begin the FAB project. “Lamborghini’s approach to challenge and change is reflected in the aims of the FAB and in the stories of our members, and we’re proud to tell some of those narratives through our podcast project.” By sharing the stories of these women, the podcasts targets people who might be in similar situations to what these women faced and their success stories will propel them in the right direction with inspiration. The podcast celebrates diversity and welcomes women from different professions and parts of the world.

Featuring the podcasts are some of the most well-known women from their respective fields. Natalia Aranovich, LA Lawyer from Brazil; Denise Yeung, racing driver from Hong Kong, Zena Kaddour, creative director of a jewellery brand from Australia; Olga Iserlis, international event planner from Singapore; Nathalie McGloin, a wheelchair-bound racing driver and President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission; Natali Itani, entrepreneur from Dubai; Kristin Gilkes, mathematician who also fights crime- from America; and Michele Roberts, executive director of USA’s National Basketball Players Association- share their personal struggles and journeys to success, all the while fighting stigma and stereotypes. FAB meetings have taken place in a number of locations all around the world ever since it was first launched in 2018. In 2019, Lamborghini also announced the Future FAB – Innovation and Transformation Award for women under 30 to distinguish innovation in technology, sustainability and art. Meeting up in places like LA and Tokyo, and even online, the FAB has grown to have an outreach far greater than the places it meets in.

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