The E-Transit couples the very capable and configurable platform of the Ford van and merges it with a power electric powertrain and battery. The range is sufficient for travels between cities while carrying loads.

The world’s best-selling van-the Ford Transit has got electrified and updated with a range of smart features. The 2022 E-Transit offers the same package as the conventionally powered transit to ease the integration of the electric vehicle into the commercial vehicle ecosystem. Ford is using the backing of its massive R&D to create the ecosystem for its commercial vehicles, including electric vehicle monitoring and connected fleet softwares to enable further ease in the commercial vehicle operation. It is part of Ford’s $11.5 billion electrification plan, and joins the Mustang Mach-E along with an electric pickup truck.

The E-Transit comes in eight models, with configurations in the three roof heights and three lengths. All the models are powered by the same 266hp/317 lb-ft of torque, made by the single motor powering the rear. Ford says that the van has a range of 126 miles from the 67 kWh battery for the low-roof variant of the van. Prices will start at $45,000 and the van will come with eight year/100000 mile warranty on the electrical components.

The battery is located beneath the floor of the vehicle, this helps in keeping the centre of gravity low, assisting in vehicle stability as well as keeping space clear. The Transit’s battery can be charged in eight hours using the Ford Connected Charge Station, other charging solutions are the Ford Mobile charger for 120V or 240V fast charging. On a DC 115Kw plus fast charger, the battery can be filled up to provide 30 miles of range in 10 minutes, and 45 miles in 15 minutes of charge. The removal of the conventional drivetrain led to the redesigning of the rear-wheel drive and the suspension due to the lack of conventional components, this made a heavy-duty semi-trailing arm suspension system which gives more steering control and traction. The van can carry a maximum payload of 3,800 pounds, 4390 pounds for the cutaway versions which is more than sufficient for all the uses that the van may be employed for.

The Pro Power feature also provides customers with the ability to use the Transit as a mobile generator with its 2.4kW output which can power tools like saws, welding machines etc. the vehicle is also connected to the internet via a 4G modem and enables the Transit to connect and provide real time data about the vehicle like range as well for fleet owners to manage the multiple vehicles on the move. Vehicle preconditioning can optimise the cabin temperature when the van is charging which helps in elongating the life of the battery. Other smart services include the SYNC 4 infotainment system, which can be accessed via the standard 12in screen, or the voice recognition. The software auto updates itself.

The Transit comes with Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 safety suite which has now been integrated onto the fleet operations. This enables the Adaptive Cruise Control and Intelligent speed assist which can keep the vehicle under the speed limits. Other features like Lane-Keeping System, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Information System with Blind Spot Assist, a 360-degree camera and Reverse Brake Assist are also part of the safety suite onboard the van. The e-Transit will be available by the summer of next year and will start from $45,000 (INR 33 lakh).

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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