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The new e.GO Life combines maximum driving experience with convenient usefulness in an unprecedented fashion. The car has been purpose-designed as a compact, lively electric car – proving that electric vehicles without trade-offs or trades are possible. The new e.GO Life – as agile as a sport car and as practical as a compact car!

MODELSe.GO Life 20e.GO Life 40e.GO Life 60
EU Curb Weight1150 kg (with 14.5 kWh battery)1170 kg (with 17.5 kWh battery)1210 kg (with 23.5 kWh battery)
Gross Vehicle Weight1,600 kg1,600 kg1,600 kg
payload450 kg430 kg390 kg
Axle Load Distribution (Front / Back)48/52%48/52%48/52%
Type of BatteryLithium-IonLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Battery Capacity14.5 kWh17.5 kWh23.5 kWh
Battery Voltage234 v281 v374 v
Electric Range (WLTP *)100 km113 km145km
Charging Time (Schuko Plug; 230 V)5.4 hrs7.3 hrs9.8 hrs
Charging Time (Type 2 Connector, Single Phase)3.8 hrs4.5 hrs6.9 hrs
Performance (Continuous / Peak)20/20 kW24/40 kW32/60 kW
Driving Performance
Top speed112 km / h123 km / h142 km / h
Cruise Speed110 km / h120 km / h130 km / h
Acceleration 0-50 km / h7.7 sec4.7 sec3.4 sec
Power Consumption
Consumption per 100 km (WLTP *)14.5 kWh15.5 kWh16.2 kWh
Exterior Dimensions
Vehicle Length3,348 mm3,348 mm3,348 mm
Vehicle Width1,748 mm1,748 mm1,748 mm
Vehicle height1,581 mm1,581 mm1,581 mm
Wheelbase2,200 mm2,200 mm2,200 mm
Track (front) base version1,480 mm1,480 mm1,480 mm
Track (Back) Basic Version1,480 mm1,480 mm1,480 mm
Turning radiusapprox. 9.8 mapprox. 9.8 mapprox. 9.8 m
Price (Battery included)Starting from € 15,900starting from € 17,400Starting from € 19,900