Built around the road going JD70, the R version pushes the Danish company’s race expertise to the limit to produce phenomenal lap times, and comes with its full race crew for that perfect race weekend holiday.

Donkervoort has launched a track-only version of their D8 GTO-JD70, offering phenomenal track performance which can easily be termed well within hypercar territory. The hardcore, toned right up to the rev limiter version has been made to put equally priced supercars to shame. The D8 GTO-JD70 was launched earlier this year to celebrate the 70th birth anniversary of Joop Donkervoort. The D8 GTO-JD70 R is the fastest and most extreme track focused ever to come from the Dutch company, and has performance numbers which can easily break track records, something that Donkervoort has done in the past, beating supercars by a mile.

For the increase in performance, the engineers also compensated for the safety of the car, with the addition of ABS, Extinguisher, protected fuel tank, six-point harness and race seats. “For every jump in speed with the JD70 R, we added exponentially to its crash protection.”

The car has been designed to be driven at full trot for hours with only pit stops in between to give the engine and parts some respite with intelligent monitoring systems, which sends real-time car and track data to the garage, and enables tuning to get the best out of the JD70 R at different tracks.

To achieve such an extreme level of reliability and durability, each and every nut and bolt of the car was recalculated, rather than just fitting the ones from the road version. The beauty of the car exists in the adjustable chassis and suspension which enables the car to adapt to different tracks, from slow ones to the technical tracks, 5 seconds at Spa faster than the road version and beats the Koenigsegg Regera by 3 seconds which as we all know is no easy feat considering the Hypercar has 1100hp at its disposal. The Donkervoort also has its own track support, spare parts and all forms of assistance to the owner of the car who enjoys each track days like a race driver would.

Braking is one of the paramount positives of the car, so a Bosch M5 ABS system has been added which fills the brake pedal with confidence which increases each time its pressed, which is visible as the car betters lap times and can be adjusted by 12 levels depending upon track conditions. The ABS allows drivers to use braking and turning to their advantage, the track tuned components allow aggressive handling. The super slick tyres by Nankang have been upgraded for track performance and are super grippy.

The powertrain is sourced from Audi and is a 2.5L five cylinder TFSI that pumps out 415hp and 560 lb-ft of torque mated to a six-speed sequential transmission which sends all the power to the rear wheels. With a curb weight of 725kgs, the Donkervoort has crazy power to weight ratio. An adjustable power steering is also added with different ratios, to compensate depending upon demand. The chassis is hybrid, steel fused with carbon-fibre for increased stiffness and reduced weight which lies on a double wishbone suspension which is 20% stiffer than on the JD70.

The car has much higher impact resistance, thanks to an increased usage of carbon-fibre everywhere possible including the seats. The fuel tank is built according to FIA regulations which has a kevlar layer to offer top-notch protection from rupture and explosion.  The hardcore JD70 R starts at 198000 Euros.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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