Meet M7 AUM, the chassis #25 F1 belonging to Rock legend George Harrison of The Beatles. The ‘Aum’ sound in the plate wasn’t an accident, but a nod to Harisson’s devout belief in the Hindu religion and a hint to the level of lunacy he’s gone to create an irreplaceable and priceless one-off!

Everything you see on this car was done on special request from the factory. From the special one-off Dark Purple Pearl paintjob with factory painted black wheels (which was an unconventional option those days) to the ‘Aum’s on the steering wheel and wheel centers. But that’s where most people stop, but Harrison went a step further and got THE Gordon Murray to handwrite the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and some famous song lyrics directly onto the carbon chassis of the car while it was still being built. This happened over months where Murray would be sitting in his office when he suddenly hear a song or read a quote, he would grab his silver inked pen and go scribble it on different parts of the car, hidden from plain sight.

Remnants of the Hindu faith don’t stop there and proceeds into the cabin where a little ‘Ganesha’ sits proudly in his MSO shrine and the fact that Harrison got Murray to hide a Ganesha insignia somewhere within the chassis of this car while the layers were still being put together elevates it to a mythical status. Which part of the car that sits, no one apart from Gordon Murray knows, nope, not even Harrison himself was privy to that information

So with this level of priceless irreplicable details, this remains one of the most original and hence valuable F1s to never hit the market. Since his passing the car is still owned and maintained by The George Harrison Trust and car still sits untouched from its original nick because it’s too precious as is to undergo a restoration.

Harrison originally wanted chassis #07 but since that was spoken for already, he settled for 25 which adds up to his lucky number and hence the 7 on the plates.

So, there, that’s M7AUM for ya!

Words: Carmasutraa