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GLOBEBUS Low Profile and A Class Motorhome

Compact, agile and yet so big!

The most compact range within the Dethleffs portfolio is perfect for city trips on narrow streets or on winding country roads and mountain passes. At the same time you have all the advantages of a fully-fledged motor home, since the Globebus has been rigorously developed with regard to comfort and spaciousness, and one look at the cosy atmosphere in the interior will win you over immediately.

This award-winning motorhome promises longevity, with the rot-free Lifetime Smart Floor construction.

For those of you who appreciate distinctively sporty details, the GT equipment package is just right.

Globebus Plus factors

  • Rot-free Lifetime Smart floor construction
  • Vast amount of interior space
  • 198 cm internal height
  • Large L-shaped seating lounge with modern and stylish cushion elements
  • Robust worktop extension in the kitchen (not for T/I 7)
  • Large rear garage (incl. drop chassis extension) with second access locker door
  • Sporty, sleek GT equipment package (option)


An eye-catcher inside and outside! The Globebus GT package comes with a large number of exclusive equipment components such as leather steering wheel, alloy wheels or the entrance door with central locking function. A unique identifying feature for the automotive GT design is the red skid plate – just one of many details of the extensively refined exterior and interior designs.

Many components which are optional extras for the Globebus are already included in the standard equipment of the GT.

Globebus – Low Profile

The Globebus Low Profile (with a length of 599 cm) is as compact and sporty as a van, and drives like one as well: the Fiat lowframe chassis and the low overall height provide more contact with the road surface, the powerful 130 BHP engine provides the necessary driving pleasure also on narrow streets. You very quickly forget that you are on tour with a full-sized motorhome.

The Globebus – perfect for holidays and daily use! First choice for active motorhome enthusiasts.

Thinking ahead: the aerodynamically formed cab hood reduces fuel consumption and incorporates a large, positionable panoramic window as standard, that lets light and air into the interior of the vehicle.

Globebus – A Class

The royal class in a compact format! Its elegance makes the Globebus A Class a real eye-catcher – active driving, compact and excellent in design. Travelling is a fantastic experience thanks to the huge panoramic windscreen and the spaciousness in the cab.

The practical pull-down bed comes as standard with a bed size of 185 x 150 cm. It comes down quite far and can be upgraded to electrical operation. During the day it is invisibly hidden under the cab ceiling. A big advantage is that you still can have a seat in the comfortable seating Lounge.