The New Tata Safari is here, and the man behind its design has been actively answering queries on his social media handles which let us gain a lot of insightful information.

Vice President Global Design at Tata Motors– Pratap Bose took to the social platform Instagram to share posts and images for the upcoming Tata Safari, and then came the comments on these posts to which Bose replied and gave certain insightful information regarding the Safari and how the design process worked.

A user commented asking as to when Bose and his team started working on the new Safari design, to which he replied that it was between 2016-2017, this gives the car a development phase of almost 5 years. The duration is important because in the meantime Tata has started capitalising on its Land Rover partnership and even used the architecture from the legendary British automaker.

Another user prompted as to why the new Safari will come out as a FWD vehicle, raising the point that being a SUV and off-road potential vehicle the car should have RWD if not AWD, Bose responded by saying that the use of a RWD configuration leads to massive shortage in rear legroom and overall packaging of the vehicle.

A lot of users also expressed their dissent in the comments regarding the design, which is as far as we know totally based on the Tata Gravitas. The individuals said how the Safari of old surpassed a lot of other vehicles mainly due to its longitudinal design and brawny design, Bose was polite in his reply that this new car is what the Safari is meant to be, and the design has to keep moving forward with times.

The name Gravitas was apparently given to the car to create distraction, as revealed by Bose in one of his comment replies. Tata Motors kept the car under wraps until the very last moment to create a massive wave of excitement and also take the market by a ‘Storme’. The Safari for now will only be launched in FWD configuration, the reason for which is also explained by Bose, he states that a 4X4 is not a viable production option because of poor sales records.

Speaking of the capability of the vehicle in the two-wheel drive configuration, he also said that the Omega architecture sourced from Land Rover is more than capable to tackle off-roading in this state. The Tata Safari will land in showrooms by the end of this month, and if we are to go by the teasers of the car, the designers led by Bose have very cleverly kept a lot of the iconic design elements that made the car a favourite during its former run.

All we can say is that the Legend is back and will take the fight head on with the new SUVs in town like the Kia Seltos and the Hyundai Creta, and also its older rivals like the Mahindra Scorpio and XUV 500. It is expected to be priced starting INR 15 Lakhs.

Pratap Bose heads the design team at Tata Motors Passenger vehicles and has a team of more than 200 designers working under him in, the designer works at three design studios with his team based in India, UK and Italy. He is the man behind Tata’s recent surge in leading design and packaging.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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