Boasting a body and performance that challenges urban terrain, the Datsun Cross sells itself on being a vehicle that overcomes every challenge with pleasure. Though the vehicle has not yet been launched in India, many speculations state that it might be in the process to come here soon.

No matter when it makes its Indian premiere, we know for a fact that the Datsun Cross has all the idyllic features of a design that could allure the highly selective audience of this country. The robust crossover look of the all new Cross has many features that catch one’s eye at the first glance itself. The stylish exterior body is underpinned by huge alloy wheels which also give the vehicle a very high ground clearance. The outer body also flaunts a wider stance and an attractive front fascia. The ‘crossover’ feel of its body style comes from a number of noticeable elements like the redone bumpers and higher ground clearance as compared to the Datsun Go+.

This crossover version of the Go+ was unveiled in Indonesia with two options- one with a manual transmission and the other an automatic CVT. Its interior features contain a host of technologies that make for easier connection between the driver and the car. Its 2DIN 6.75 inch display offers easier access- both in terms of entertainment for the passengers and for drivers to rely on the car’s assistance. Datsun’s connectivity inside the cabin also comes with the instrument cluster that provides information using a tachometer and the drive computer display. The car is also able to remotely lock and unlock its doors.

The Cross is a rethought crossover version of the Go+, a vehicle that already has an ample market presence in India. Go+ is a go to car as a spacious family vehicle which offers considerable amount of luggage capacity. On the other hand, the Datsun Cross does not have any presence in India and the company has provided no hints as to when we can expect it to make an official launch here. Though no expected date of launch is yet known, the Cross does bear an anticipated ex-showroom price tag of INR 4.40 lakhs for the base model, which is just around INR 20,000 more than the Go+ ex-showroom price- especially considering that the Cross is basically a remix of Go+.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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