Here is an MG customer who has exchanged, and infact upgraded to Hector Plus. The customer got a net resale value of 95% for the Hector that the customer had purchased a year back…

  • MG customer upgrades from Hector to Hector Plus, gets INR 15,60,000 for 1 year old car (Hector Smart DCT mid variant), which translates to 95% residual value
  • Customer also upgraded to Hector Plus Top Trim from Hector mid trim at a marginal price of just 3 lakhs

Another fact to be noted is that the value of Rs. 15,60,000/- that the customer got for one year old car (Hector Smart DCT) is more than the value that the car was purchased closer to the launch of the car in India –

  • Hector Plus Top Variant Sharp Costs INR 18,79,800 (ex-showroom, New Delhi)
  • Hector Smart DCT Costs INR 16,41,800 (ex-showroom, New Delhi).