Bangalore 6th July, 2020: TKM deeply regrets to inform the sad news of an untimely demise of one of its employees and expresses its sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased employee. The cause of death has been identified as COVID-19. However, the concerned employee had last attended work at the factory on 23rd June, 2020 and hence as of now there has been no clear evidence of internal transmission within the company from this case or the previously reported eight COVID-19 positive cases at the plant.

Furthermore, TKM in line with the Government guidelines has quarantined those employees who are suspected to have had primary or secondary contact with the deceased until June 23rd. The safety and peace of mind of our employees and all of its other stakeholders is among our top priorities and with that in mind, as precautionary measures TKM has suspended its production for the day at its manufacturing plant in Bidadi and has carried out the required process of disinfecting the workplace as well as deep cleansing of work areas where an infection is detected. TKM would like to ensure that all Government guidelines as well as SOPs are being followed to ensure the health and safety of its employees at the plant. TKM will resume its operations on July 7th at its plant in Bidadi, post confirming the safety of the workplace and adhering to all the mandatory protocols.

TKM is in touch with the family of the deceased and is committed to the safety of not just its employee but also their families as well as the entire community in and around Bidadi. Considering the safety and security of its employees, stakeholders and the community around, TKM will continue to take all possible preventive and remedial measures to deal with the developing situation and closely work with various stakeholders including the relevant statutory authorities.