While putting the health and safety as a top priority, Porsche Motorsport has composed in reserve drivers for the Nürburgring 24 Hour. Retirement from a certain work process usually results in laziness, long boring lunches, and flourishing up with a hobby. And now the former works drivers Timo Bernhard and Jorg Bergmeister after putting down their racing careers the last year are been moved as the eleventh-hour replacements for the 24 hour race this weekend at the Nürburgring, reviewing upon the decision by Porsche Motorsport to outcast no Le Mans participants to the Eifel due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coming out of a long break, in a morning call, Bernhard exclaimed, “Because I’m not employed as a professional racing driver any more I had to think about what my family and three kids will do. I had to make some quick rearrangements,” Less than 5 days before what is considered one of the toughest test of endurance and strength and at none other than the fiercest tracks on this planet which held out some quick transpositions.

Bergmeister exclaimed out the same evening that, “‘actually I have some appointments’ but then I very quickly got my permit sorted to drive on the Nordschleife, so yes, I was all in and I’ll try to help as much as I can”. With being the most praised and designated drivers for the company who were winners all the time around the globe have stepped in to considerably help their former team at the last hour as they consider this as a prerequisite responsibility for the Company. And with situations like this, (COVID-19) it definitely feels like a great thing to do, says Bergmeister.

Certain amount of obstacles have been putting down the moral for the drivers for the race like, firstly the German pair remain in peak physical shape. Secondly, there is no need to get to know unfamiliar team mates presently. But while Bernhard has positively taken up the situation in hand by mentioning about how the drivers welly know each other, and there is no time to babble around so, instead it’s required to get themselves acquainted accordingly.

Bernhard also agrees with that, “The Company has done a lot for me in the past and I think now

There’s a chance to return something. The spirit that we have at Porsche is that we’re not individuals, but a team. I might look slow this weekend because I haven’t done 100 laps before the race – but we’re racers and we’re here for when the brand needs us. We’ll do our best.” Says Bernhard.

Bergmeister also mentions that as the cars have been smoothly running here previously, they will just need a fine amount of tuning by the drivers, and not that a 24 hour race is easier for them, due to their vast experience and logic application methods, both drivers are wary of the very little seat time & they will have had in the run up to the race. Bergmeister smiles and says, “We’ll get 10 laps if we’re lucky. I’ve watched half a lap of onboard so I’ll try to watch the other half later. Maybe I’ll go for the fourth stint. Hopefully it’ll be dark so nobody will see my driving,”

This Dynamic pair of racers will share this weekend’s 911 GT3 R cockpit with none other than the New Zealander Earl Bomber who is a fellow winner for the Le Mans and also Dennis Olson from Norway, who has a former experience of flying in amid tight health and safety instructions from Mexico.

Now, talking about the race, The Nürburgring 24-hour race takes place on 26-27 September and there will be seven 911 GT3 R running in the top SP9 category, all fielded by Porsche customer teams which are: KCMG, Huber, Frikadelli Racing Team and Falken Motorsport. And this time unfortunately the Manthey- Racing Porsche will not be included of the action but Porsche undoubtedly remain the most represented manufacturer at the race which is roughly a third of the field & is made up of 911 and 718 Cayman racers.

An unexpected dynamic ensemble, but a fearsome one nonetheless, they probably will face unpredictable, harsh weather conditions during the race as the Nürburgring is famous for its adamant climate changes, and the later September date of the race brings more uncertainty to the sequence of the race.

Bergmeister and Bernhard started out as factory drivers in the year 2002, where the pair’s very first outing as part of the Porsche factory squad was when they raced together at Daytona in 2002. They share an immense link between each other in terms of coordination, trust and having being part of the same team for almost two decades, they share a special friendship and a perfect bond to outcast every driver in the place.

-Both of them are emotionally a part of this world of racing and driving and said, “Back then we won our class and the second year we won overall – so no pressure, right?” smiles Bergmeister. “To have the opportunity to race together again now is good, even if it wasn’t planned.”

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