• Ethiopian community donates sterile gloves, face masks to fight battle against COVID-19

Being human is our birthright but keeping  that inate humanity is a choice.  With their latest contribution, Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines have chosen the path of humanity.  The organisations have recently inaugurated their 40th Humanitarian Delivery Flight. While the Airline’s new 787-9 Dreamliner left Everett, Washington carrying 9071 kg essential items which included health care, family needs, etc and will be allocated to hospitals, clinics and charities in Addis Ababa Region.

“Ethiopian Airlines has been deeply involved in transporting critical COVID-19 supplies to support communities during these difficult and challenging times,” said Kagnew F. Asfaw, vice president ET Holidays & Digital Sales, Ethiopian Airlines. “Building on our history of collaboration in humanitarian flights, we are partnering with Boeing to bring home health care supplies. We would like to thank the Ethiopian community and several organizations in Seattle for their generosity and support for Ethiopian communities across the world during the global pandemic.”

“We are honoured that Boeing is able to assist customers like Ethiopian Airlines as they transport critical medical supplies and support their local communities through the Humanitarian Delivery Fight program, especially during a challenge as significant as the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Cheri Carter, vice president of Boeing Global Engagement. “We are grateful to Ethiopian Airlines for their enduring commitment to the Humanitarian Delivery Program.”

This Humanitarian initiative was conducted with the help of three charitable partners in Seattle: Resolute Health Outreach (RHO), the Ethiopian National COVID-19 Response Task Force of Seattle and Embuaa Family. They have provided face mask, wipes, sterile gloves to exam tables, bassinets, medicine and more. It is recorded that over 10 years RHO (Resolute Health Outreach) has donated 200 tons of medical equipment to Ethiopia and without the support of Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing, RHO would not have been able to achieve this landmark.

The Ethiopian National COVID-19 Response Task Force is led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia, in partnership with Ethiopian embassies and diaspora of communities around the world. After COVID-19, the Ethiopian Community had decided to take some certain steps to reach out to the community and help those in need during these tough times and that is why they have collected and distributed such humanitarian equipment to help The Ethiopian Govt and people to stay connected.

It is commendable that even in this extenuating situation people never hesitate to help others and may be that is why whetehr it was medical equipment or hygiene products or simply clothes could be provided to the Mary Joy Foundation, which helps women and youth access skills and training to rise out of poverty. Not only that the medical and hygiene equipment saved innumerable lives but helped people to survive.

The Humanitarian Delivery Flight Programme was initiated in 1992 and was  associated with Boeing and its customers. To date, there have been over 200 humanitarian delivery flights and more than 1.6 million pounds of critical supplies have been delivered since the start of the program.

Being the largest aerospace company and leading distributor of commercial planes, defence, space and security system, Boeing supports more than 150 countries and its customers. Boeing provides employment to more than 160,000 people worldwide and supports the talents globally. Boeing holds a legacy of aerospace leadership and continues to lead its technology and innovations globally for future growth.

Dishary Basu

Dishary Basu

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