A standard Cullinan is not exactly a wise fashionable look, but Car tuner Kourosh Mansory has taken the Rolls-Royce brand and their conception to a whole new level. Mansory never halts to amaze us with its talent to take an already prosperous vehicle and transform it into something even more extravagant. 

This Rolls Royce’s breath-taking conversion has once again made it!  With the renowned name of called ‘Mansory Coastline,’ the professional for individualized luxury cars again have come with something we cannot get our eyes off.  They have combined the choicest materials with the best available superior engine, self-self-assured looks, and plentiful sophistication in the impressive interior.  Undoubtedly, thus rendering the royal and magnanimous style of the Rolls-Royce brand philosophy in a smart and amazing way.

Although the Cullinan was considered the most expensive and luxurious SUV ever, MANSORY determined to inject some sportiness by meeting the high measures of visual appearance and aerodynamics.  The brand creators subtly modified the front of the Rolls-Royce SUV.  Now, there will be larger air intakes in the front apron, which is coupled with new carbon fiber – a lightweight bonnet, give it a much more powerful face.

In addition, not to be missed about the flanks and the rear, since they also have been redesigned along with the side skirts.  This surely provides the Mansory Coastline to look more elongated. The Mansory architects have installed an artistic spoiler lip on the primary tailgate to the likewise redesigned rear apron in order to decrease lift forces at the rear axle.

Now there is also particular use of forged carbon’ components on the entire body of stately Cullinan which beautifully emphasizes the modern and superior.  They have also played with colors this time by selecting a perfect blend of ocean blue and conflicting secret silver above the window line.  The blend of these standard colors totally rules on the Mansory Coastline exterior.  Thus, this really adds up to a suitable whole that is unique in its own way.

How can we forget about the wheels?  In order to mate the robust yet comfortable look of the Rolls-Royce, Mansory uses FS23 multipole wheels in a 24-inch size where the design type V.6 can also be adjusted.  So this means, now there are no restrictions in driving at high speed with their special aluminum metals used in their light forged wheel.  It is just perfect not just for the higher speeds but also for high quantities.

With a convincing performance until yet, the automobile couturier also intercedes in the heart of the vehicle which offers us a brand new engine management system.  This is very impressive performance data with having a V12-cylinder engine of 610 PS as well as an elevated torque of 950 Nm (standard: 850 Nm).  This utterly reduces the sprint from zero to 100 km/h to only 5 seconds where the top speed of the Mansory has been extended to 280 km/h.

This is not all.  We still are left to know more about their transformations.  Talking about that interior which is fully made of leather, only the finest materials are used in the completely.  Surfaces in the cockpit shine high-gloss polished lacquer in an opulent way.  You would be amazed to know that it is specifically worked embroidery in the seats and floor mats introduced added weights to its appearance.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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